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Factors Affecting Child Development and Wellbeing Essay Example

Child development and wellbeing is undoubtedly affected by various factors of hereditary as well as acquired and environmental factors play an equally important role in that. The process of skill development is influenced in different ways by different elements. Some elements have a direct impact on the child’s growth and development. Overall, many factors together affect child development and wellbeing by affecting them in the field of different skills, personality traits, academic skills etc.

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About Development and Wellbeing of a Child

Wellbeing and development are not just only about getting old with the absence of any illness or disease. In the case of children, Wellbeing isn’t only the nonattendance of infection or disease. On account of youngsters, it’s an intricate blend of a kid’s physical, mental, emotional and social fitness factors. Wellbeing is firmly connected to bliss and life fulfilment. Simply put, wellbeing could be depicted as how the kid feels about himself and his life.

From coming into the ovary till birth and the process of life till death, every phase is influenced by some means. All those situations are some kind of similar to all, but what matters is, their reaction toward every situation. All that is based on their childhood growth & development and experiences.

Decent wellbeing and development of a child affect his whole life. Thus, it should go in a flourishing way. But, every parent is needed to be careful about and take necessary actions for the factors affecting their child development and wellbeing.

Different Factors Which Affect Child Development and Wellbeing

There is not just one factor which influences the wellbeing or growth of children but many which are somehow interrelated to each other. For example, one does not join a job just for money, but to learn something, how his skills & meet the organizational goals, make friends etc. Some items impact the child directly and some indirectly. Whereas, some factors make up for the dearth of others as well. For instance, a decent marriage can make up for an absence of companionships, while strict convictions may enable an individual to grapple with physical sickness.

The different kind of factors can be divided into some specific categories: –

  • Hereditary factors (Gene factors)
  • Biological/ constitutional factors
  • Intelligence
  • Emotional factors
  • Education factors
  • Family and community factors
  • Cultural and societal factors
  • Social environment
  • Environment and early childhood experiences
  • Income
  • Urbanization
  • Environmental factors and many more.

Kids wellbeing and development depend upon both internal and external environmental factors, and out of those, we do not have control over some elements. Having a proper understanding of what kids need at each phase of their development and improvement encourages us to raise them better.

Biological Factors affecting Children development and Wellbeing

A kid’s development and progress might be one of the most crucial times throughout life for a parent, and it begins the time when it is thought about. Everyone who is going to become parents, want to ensure it to be great as it can be with ease and attempt to be there at all times and take vital measures. Ultimately, it is normal for parents to have their kid’s interests at heart. While a portion of these variables is under the parents’ control, biological factors are less controllable.

Basically, there are different biological factors which in some way affect a child’s life.

Here are the main factors-

  • Gender
  • General health
  • Mental health
  • Health practices
  • Nutrition
  • Interactions
  • Hormones
  • Genetic inheritance (Heredity)

Hereditary Factors Influencing Child Growth and Wellbeing

Heredity is the transmission of physical attributes from guardians to youngsters through their qualities. It impacts all parts of physical appearance, for example, height, weight, body structure, the shade of the eye, the surface of the hair, and even knowledge and aptitudes. Sicknesses and conditions, for example, coronary illness, diabetes, corpulence, and so on., can likewise be transferred through genes, accordingly influencing the development and advancement of the children unfavourably. Nevertheless, natural factors and caring can bring the best out of the present characteristics in the genes.

How heredity/ genes influence the development of children

So how precisely do the hereditary instructions went down from the two parents impact how a kid grows and the characteristics they will have?

A genotype alludes to all of the genes that an individual has acquired. A phenotype implies how these genes are really expressed. The phenotype can incorporate physical qualities, like tallness and eye colour, and also the nonphysical characteristics, for example, bashfulness and extroversion.

While the genotype will depict a blueprint for how will the children grow up, the process putting together these building blocks ascertains how these genes are going to be expressed. We can consider it somewhat like structure a house. While your genotype may speak to a plan for how kids grow up, the way that these structure squares are assembled decides how these qualities will be communicated. Consider it somewhat like structure a house. A similar plan can bring about a scope of various homes that look very relative yet have significant contrasts depending on the material and colouring decisions utilized during construction.

Here are some hereditary factors that play influencing the child’s growth: –

  • Genetic interactions
  • Gene-environment interaction
  • Genetic abnormalities
  • Sex-chromosome abnormalities
  • Down syndrome (trisomy 21)

Cultural and Societal Factors in influencing wellbeing and growth of child

Culture and society play a vital role in affecting childhood development and wellbeing. Every culture is different from one another in various means and each has a different perspective about what is “normal”.

Here are some points by which one can understand how the cultural and societal elements influence child development and wellbeing: –

  • The society and culture between which one grows up impact everything from formative achievements and child-rearing styles to what sorts of hardship one is expected to confront.
  • While biological acts, for example, puberty is the universal milestone across all the cultures, social milestones, like the age at which kids start formal tutoring or individualized from their parents, can vary significantly from one culture to another.
  • Effectual child-rearing styles likewise differ as an element of culture. While the standard parenting style is the style that is generally empowered in present-day American culture, different societies appreciate increasingly autocratic styles.
  • Race and racial cliché can effectively affect the childhood and overall development of a child. Kids are taught those myths that accompany their race(s) and the races of others, and these stereotypes can impact their wellbeing and development.
  • The race is likewise firmly connected to the class, and children of shades are still factually even more prone to deficiency of access to essential assets and to meet fiscal hardship.
  • The idea of intersectionality is critical to remember while analysing the cultural impacts of different types of partiality on child growth.

Independent Role of Income in Affecting child’s Development

Pay shows an autonomous relationship with kids’ cognitive development and behavioural adjustment, well beyond various interlinked chance variables (maternal age, parental literacy, parental social class, parental worklessness, lodging residency, congestion, number of siblings, territory hardship, and family unsteadiness).

  • The planning and perseverance of income neediness matters and diligent presentation to destitution is a significant hazard factor.
  • Cognitive development (specifically verbal aptitudes) is more emphatically connected with income poverty than behavioural adjustment.
  • Poverty is also connected with less fortunate maternal psychological wellness, less efficient child-rearing conduct, and a decreased probability of utilizing kid care.
  • Maternal mental wellness and child-rearing somewhat intercede relationship among poverty and youngster results yet in addition show an autonomous relationship with kids’ outcomes at age 5.
  • Different components degrading relationship between salary and kid results incorporate the utilization of child care and social aid channels of people in the local area.

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How do Family and Bonding affect Child’s Development and Wellbeing?

One of the most significant affecting variables on child’s advancement is his/her family. Regardless of who is the child’s primary caretaker– you and your life partner, elder sibling, or family members – the connection maintained inside a family home helps support and ensure your kid physically and emotionally. Parents who invest quality energy with their children make a safe bond with their kids and thus the kid develops with secure connection and confidence. The time you put resources into sustaining your child will appear in his/her positive growth and progress. There are a few things you can perform to bond really better with your kid. You can make it a point to peruse to him normally, in this manner setting up an everyday practice and helping both of you connect with one another. Playing with your kid is significant too, both in setting up a cosy relationship just as in helping him build up their essential skills. You can likewise just converse with your child, either about your day or theirs, expressing that his/her information and suppositions are important to you.

Contrarily, children who are mistreated or ignored by their families undergo with respect to their mental and emotional wellbeing. These things incorporate flogging and verbal offence, and furthermore detachment. Leaving a kid to sit in front of the TV the entire day without the chances for a real human communication will block him from getting the necessary experience required to create and forestall early discourse improvement in children.

So, it is critical to realize that keeping up a decent connection with your kid is significant however insufficient. The whole family should be strong and defensive of one another. For example, children raised by parents who contend or have disputes always grow up having issues building friendships and kinships. Likewise, attending all of your children fairly and paying them a similar measure of concern will let them comprehend about integrity and brotherhood.

Childhood development is also influenced by Environment

The environment has a key role to play in the growth of children and it depicts all of the physical and mental incitement the kid gets. A portion of the environmental variables impacting child improvement includes the physical surroundings and geological states of the spot the child lives in, also his social condition and bonds with family and companions.

It can be easily understood that a well-cared and well-nourished kid will show better progress than a destitute one; nature kids are continually inundated in adds to this. A decent school and caring family work in kids firm social and interpersonal skills, which will empower them to outshine in different zones, for example, scholastics and extracurricular exercises. This will, obviously, be distinctive for children who are brought up in unpleasant conditions.

Health Factors

It is a very common factor and everyone should know that how does health affect child development? It adds to the general advancement of a kid. Nourishment and access to great salubrity are the two keys to supporting a kid is salubrious and can turn into a healthy adult.

Influence of Intelligence

Intelligence is the capacity to study about, learn from, comprehend, modify, interface with nature and take the right choice at the correct time. It influences social conduct, moral judgment and emotional growth of a child.

Effect of Emotional Factors

The demonstration of sentiments about self, others, and things depict emotional development. Emotional and social growth are regularly depicted and assembled as they are firmly interrelated development designs.

Role of Nutrition in Child’s Development

Nourishment is a basic factor in child development as everything the body needs to assemble and fix itself originates from the food we eat. Lack of healthy sustenance can cause deficiency diseases that unfavourably influence the development and wellbeing of kids. However, gorging can prompt stoutness and medical issues over the long haul, for example, diabetes and coronary illness. A decent eating regimen that is plentiful in nutrients, minerals, proteins, starches and fats is basic for the development of the child’s mind and body.

Involvement of Learning and Reinforcement in the development of a child

Learning includes significantly more than schooling. It is additionally worried about strengthening the child intellectually, mentally, socially, and emotionally so they work as sound utilitarian people in the general public. This is the place the improvement of the brain occurs and the kid can develop some maturity. Reinforcement is a part of realizing where an action or exercise is rehashed and refined to strengthen the exercises learned. An example model is playing an instrument; they get better and proficient at playing it by practising regularly for it. Subsequently, any exercise that is instructed must be rehashed until the correct outcomes are achieved.

How to Achieve Wellbeing and Robust Development of Children

This is the very basic doubt that how a virtuous development and wellbeing can be achieved for a child. Besides, this is also very simple to answer that it all can be obtained by taking care of the child from the factors which affect his growth and development.

However, here are some ways-

  • Build and keep up healthy bonds with family and friends.
  • Make frequent time open for social contact.
  • Attempt to look for some kind of work that you find pleasant and fulfilling, instead of to simply working for the best pay.
  • Eat healthy, nutritious meals.
  • Do routine physical exercises.
  • Set them with achievable goals and work towards them.
  • Make the children optimistic and enjoy each day.

From where on can get help to attain successful development and wellbeing of his child?

One can get help to ensure his child’s foremost wellbeing and development by proper health & childcare assistance from: –

  • Doctor
  • Family and friends
  • Counsellor
  • Lifeline telephone
  • Kids helpline centre

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Although there are many things that are out of control of parents, there is always some way to diminish the effects and improve the child’s welfare and growth. Since this is a significant stage in the lives of both the parent and kid, understanding the fundamental components which influence the manner in which they are is extremely useful data. Awareness brings the benefit of making decision about opting the best approach in making a prosperous growth and development plan for the child.

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