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Independent Study is a revolutionary course that allows students to conduct in-depth inquiries into China-related issues. Before the semester begins, they will prepare proposals for their chosen research topics and get approval from SHBS on these proposed studies; together with the CCS Head of Programme (HCSP), all along making sure it adheres strictly to rules set out within this program’s guidelines. Students will be required to spend a minimum of 80 contact hours on their research, which will culminate in the presentation and defence of an academically-rigorous research paper.

This Course Syllabus contains important information regarding this Independent Study course. Please take the time to read it carefully as it contains important deadlines and details about what is expected of you during the duration of the course.

College students do research and write reports on the question or problem they chose to investigate for it to be resolved. This process is called “proposing.” The mid-term assessment allows them to evaluate how much progress has been made since beginning their inquiry while offering guidance based on existing information; at this point, you’ll also submit your final report where all of these findings are discussed with supervisors who help guide future studies towards meaningful applications (and potentially even career choices).

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Assignment Task 1: Demonstrate knowledge of the key puzzles, questions or debates in the field of China studies

There are several key puzzles, questions and debates within the field of China studies. 

One of the most prominent is the problem of understanding Chinese economic development. Historically, China has been one of the world’s poorest countries, but in recent years its economy has grown rapidly, making it increasingly relevant on the global stage. There are several different explanations for this economic miracle, and economists are still debating which is the most accurate.

Another key debate in China’s studies concerns the country’s political system. Is China moving towards democracy or autocracy? And what implications does this have for its future development? These are complex questions with no easy answers, and there is a lively debate among scholars about what direction China might be headed in.

Finally, China’s recent rise has also led to renewed interest in its cultural and philosophical traditions. For centuries, China was the world’s most advanced civilization, and its ideas exerted a powerful influence on other cultures. Today, there is a growing appreciation for the richness of Chinese culture, and scholars are exploring its potential to offer insights into a wide range of contemporary issues.

Assignment Task 2: Apply knowledge and skills gained from academic learning to real-world settings

The skills and knowledge that we learn in academic settings can be applied to real-world settings. However, it’s important to note that not everything we learn in school applies to the “real world”. A lot of what we learn in school is theory-based and may not always be relevant or practical.

That being said, the skills and knowledge that we do acquire in academic settings can be applied effectively if we take the time to understand how they can be used in real-world contexts. For example, if you’re a business major, you may want to consider working for a small business to gain hands-on experience before moving on to a larger corporation. Or if you’re studying history, you might want to think about ways to apply your knowledge to a job in the government or a museum.

In short, it’s important to be mindful of the differences between academic learning and real-world settings, but also to remember that the skills and knowledge you gain in school can be applied in many useful ways.

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Assignment Task 3: Develop synergies between academic disciplines

There are many ways to develop synergies between academic disciplines. 

One way is to build connections between different fields of study. For example, a student studying history might take a class in economics to better understand the context of historical events. Or a biologist might take a course in anthropology to learn about human ecology.

Another way to develop synergies between academic disciplines is to engage in interdisciplinary research. This type of research brings together scholars from different fields to work on a common problem or question. By collaborating, researchers can bring different perspectives and expertise to bear on the problem, which can lead to breakthroughs that would not be possible working alone.

Still another way to develop synergies between academic disciplines is through teaching. Whendnisciplines are taught in isolation, students can miss out on the connections between them. But when disciplines are integrated into a cohesive curriculum, students can see how they interrelate and build upon one another.

Assignment Task 4: Design and execute a feasible inquiry into a topic of research significance

To generate an inquiry, assuming you would like to know how one could design and execute a feasible inquiry into a topic of research significance: are interested in conducting research but unsure of where to start, consider the following steps for how to design and execute a feasible inquiry. 

The process of formulating a research question can be daunting, especially if you’re not sure where to start or what an ideal research question looks like. To generate an inquiry that is feasible and important, there are three critical elements that your question should include:

  1. A focus on a particular phenomenon or event
  2. A specific geographic location or population
  3. A theoretically grounded framework

Picking a theme or area to focus your research on is the first step in generating an inquiry. For example, if you wanted to focus on the phenomenon of gentrification, you might choose a particular city or neighbourhood to study.

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Assignment Task 5: Evaluate and present complex information on China involving suboptimal data, competing for narratives and alternative accounts

China is a complex country with a rich and varied history. When trying to understand China, it’s important to be aware of the competing narratives and alternative accounts that exist. For example, some people say that China is on the brink of becoming a world power, while others claim that China is actually in decline.

Many factors contribute to these different perspectives on China. One of the most important factors is the availability (or lack thereof) of reliable data. The Chinese government has a habit of suppressing information that doesn’t reflect well on them, so it can be difficult to get an accurate picture of what’s going on in China.

That said, it’s still possible to get a general idea of what’s going on in China by looking at a variety of sources and trying to piece together a coherent picture. In doing so, it’s important to be aware of the potential biases in each source. By taking all of this into account, it’s possible to develop a more nuanced understanding of China.

Assignment Task 6: Defend research findings and recommendations to an audience

It is always important to be able to defend research findings and recommendations to an audience. One never knows when someone will question the validity of the research or the recommendations. Therefore, you must be prepared with a well-reasoned argument defending both the research and the conclusions drawn from it. There are a few key points to keep in mind when doing so: 

First, make sure that your research is sound. This means that you have collected data from reliable sources using solid methodologies. If your research is not up to par, then your argument will not be as strong.

Second, lay out your reasoning for why you believe the research findings and recommendations are valid. This step is important to help the audience understand your thought process.

Third, be prepared to answer any questions or objections that the audience may have. This will show that you are confident in your argument and that you have considered all possible counterarguments.

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