Case-control and cohort study both are the crucial part of the research utilized by the researchers to study on a topic. When we compare the two methods of study a case or topic they both are different from each other in many points. For example, while case-control methods are easy and can be completed in a few days Cohort study usually takes a longer time comparatively.

There are people who have to go through both case-control and cohort study as per the requirement of the subject of research. In a case-control study, two different people or groups of them give their perspective on a given topic.

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Even when we talk about the remedies for cancer and such tumor doctors and researchers are using cohort study in such cases also. That is how the new medicines are being come into the light for the treatment of cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Although we are not able to deal with the issue of cancer and such a tumor with ultimate success still we have walked many milestones in the way to reach success. With the help of both case-control and cohort study in oncology, we can really hope something useful in the coming period of time.

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