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Wellbeing BRD251unit deals with the psychological, physical, emotional and creative health with historical, environmental and cultural perspectives. First mentioning to specifically the health strand this unit examines all dimensions of the health weather it is psychosocial or just physical. At present socio-cultural settings play an important role in determining the state of wellbeing. In this unit students not only learn to include the aspects of self-esteem but also they try to increase relationship and participation with people.

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The whole unit of wellbeing BRD251 is divided into modules and each module refers to the various learning outcomes.

Students in Module 1 of Wellbeing BRD251 will know about the different connotations of wellbeing that are mental and physical. In this students will get to know about the subjectivity of it and how can it be measured. However, there is also a general term related to wellbeing that is “functioning well and feeling good’. It also focuses on contemporary health issues. As with the growing movement of people across the world and changing lifestyle there is a great concern for new diseases and it is of utmost importance to know the contemporary diseases and issues related to. For example, coronavirus emerged as a shock to the current health scenario.

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Students of the Second module of Wellbeing BRD251 will be learning a holistic approach in health care and health promotions. This helps students in learning not only curative measures but also preventive measures. This unit deals with the psychosocial dimension of health, as a major contributor to wellbeing in contemporary society. The holistic approach related to health means dealing with all kinds of people child, or adult, male or female belongs to different socio-cultural settings and the professions dealing with holistic health care.

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Module 3 Wellbeing BRD251will make students learn about Mindfulness, it is perspective and mindfulness tools and the art of wellbeing and art as a tool of wellbeing and its strategies across the culture. “Mindfulness means practicing the innate wisdom and knowledge of self. The different practices of mindfulness are yoga, breathing gently, sitting silently, etc.

Students learn about all tools to foster the psychological and physical health. The different studies had suggested that the tools of art like painting, music, dancing have a significant impact on reducing anxiety or stress. The students will be learning the depth of it that how an art can be used as a tool for achieving the goal of wellbeing.

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Module 4 in BRD251 wellbeing unit talks about the Physiology, exercise, morbidity, fitness, mortality and nutrition, chronic diseases, the global burden. In this students also learn about the dietary guidelines and food guide across the world. This module explains that physical health is a term related to aerobic capacity but only physical fitness cannot lead to the high mortality

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Module 5 Wellbeing BRD251 explains about the wellbeing in the context of the environment and different sociocultural settings with due care of economy and governance. Students studying this module will be learning to improve quality of life by promoting innovative solutions that challenge mainstream thinking on economic, environmental and social issues.

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In studying Module 6 BRD251 Wellbeing students will be learning about tourism-related wellness and how travel and other recreational activities help in curbing stress and lead to wellbeing. This module explains the positive impacts of travel experiences and how they soothe one’s mind and then decrease the status of a calm mind after vacation. It also addresses practical applications related to the tourism industry.

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Module 7 Related to the BRD251 wellbeing unit deals with the review of wellbeing in a consolidated way and it talks about the different strategies across the different disciplines and it also deals with how people from Singapore adapt the particular strategies to deal with the physical and mental well-being.

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