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The biological processes are a crucial part of human psychology. All human behavior gets affected by biological structures as well as processes that are highly organized on various interconnected levels. It becomes efficient for the students to understand these biological bases of behavior. The student’s understanding of human behavior cannot be complete without the knowledge of the brain. The knowledge acquired by the students helps them to acknowledge the crucial treatments for psychological disorders including drugs that encourage the neurotransmitter function.

Generally, the biological factors are fundamentals to every sensory experience, motivation, and emotion, states of consciousness, and development throughout the life span. The nervous system is well-specialized and hierarchical in its composition. However, neuroplasticity provides some flexibility to the brain to adapt to the structure of the nervous system and function as well. The biological bases affect the memory, motivation, and learning processes. All the biological factors are crucial because they control our behavior. Without an understanding of the biological bases, no one can recognize human behavior.

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Biological Bases of Learning Behavior

Learning is a permanent change in behavior based on individual experience. Many researchers believe that learning is based on the growth of the neural connections between specific patterns of muscle movements and stimuli. Some believe that learning includes several changes in cognition. However, the fact is that the existence of biological controls is reliable to assess mental discussion of behavior. Some of the basic terms that Singaporean students learn while preparing projects on the biological bases of behavior:

  • Telencephalon: It comprises of two cerebral hemispheres and the outer covering of the hemispheres refers to the cortex. It is responsible for the thought, voluntary action, and subjective experience.
  • Mesencephalon: It contains several small nuclei that are crucial to relax like the reflex turning of the eyes toward the object source of the sound.
  • Metencephalon: It is a structure that bonds the cerebellum with the rest of the body. The cerebellum is involved in the learned skilled motor movement.

Biological bases of Behavior- Memory

The memory means remembering what an individual has learned or recognized in the past. It consists in retaining, learning, and remembering what has previously learned. All the processes of memory are distributed across the brain related to different information processing systems. Thus, memory is one of the biological features that influence or affect behavior.

  • Each experience gain by an individual activates a unique outline of neurons in the brain. All such activities cause structural changes to occur in the neurons near the synaptic gaps that connect them.
  • Moreover, many different areas of the brain play a critical role in memory. For instance, the cerebellum plays a significant role in the timing execution of skilled and learned motor development.
  • Apart from it, different areas of the brain take part in alerting and focusing behavior. It includes cortical areas of the reticular formation and other areas that contribute to alertness, awareness, and attention.

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Sample on Biological Bases of Behavior essay

Title: What motivational processes/ forces initiate the behavior?

Motivation refers to the critical reasons that explain why any behavior occurs. There are some of the forces or processes that not only initiate the behavior, but also direct it, and enhance its strength. For instance, eating behavior, that is focused on homeostasis. Most of the motivation is supported on the need of the body to maintain a perfect level of elements such as enough water in the body, an adequate level of sugar, and many more. All such levels are highly regulated to the homeostatic mechanism. There are various other perspectives to view the human mind and behavior and understand how the brain processes influence the way people think, feel, and act.

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