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Analysing the Nineteenth-Century Novel Assignment Sample SUSS

Analysing the Nineteenth-Century Novel Assignment Sample SUSS Singapore

ELT209e Analysing the 19th Century Novel studies how and why novels became a dominant literary form in Britain during this time period. Students will learn to compare three representative nineteenth-century novels: Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park, Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Study Unit One explains two kinds of novels that emerged the Gothic novel & realist fiction and apply it to one work by Jane Austin called Mansfield Park.

Students will learn about major issues in Mansfield Park such as the British Empire, Britain’s slave trade, and it’s navy. They’ll also be learning how these fundamental aspects of society are connected to Singapore’s founding history. Study Unit Two suggests that Jane Eyre is a passionate rewriting of Mansfield Park because it thrived by diversifying different forms within itself—it was written during an important time for literature!

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The unit then compares the ways in which Brontë and Austen portray the Caribbean, comparing how both authors used different narrative approaches to depict British imperialism. Study Unit Three examines Stevenson’s use of multiple narrators in Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde by connecting it with Mansfield Park and Jane Eyre who also use this technique effectively. The nightmarish novel updates Gothic novels using science fiction or crime genres while exploring the Victorian identity crisis too.

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At the end of this course, Singaporean students will be able to learn the Analysing the Nineteenth-Century Novel module with the help of the following learning outcomes:

1. Discuss the characteristics of the novel, the Realist novel, and the Gothic, both as a formal and as a socio-historical concept.

A novel is prose fiction that is typically more than 20,000 words long. It’s the longest of the three types of literature.

The Realist novel can be called “realistic” because it seeks to represent life as it really was (that means poverty and boredom). This form of thriller emphasizes events over character psychology or aesthetic appeal. A grim naturalism or gritty realism may create an air of futility or pessimism, even though many writers have tempered this tone with humor and romantic sensibility.

Gothic novels are also known by various names including Romantic Gothic, Horrific Gothic, Possession Gothic, and Psychological Terrorist Romance Fantasy Mystery Detective Science Fiction Paranormal Thriller Suspense Fiction. It’s a tale of horror that features ghosts, vampires, werewolves, demons, and other supernatural creatures. Other common elements in the books are castles/manors, graveyards, crypts, worldwide travel by foot or boat.

2. Show through close reading the role of characterisation, narrative structure, and other literary strategies in the nineteenth-century novel.

Characterization is shown to be important in the nineteenth-century novel by the extent of work given to understanding them. Contexts for understanding characters tend to be provided through intricate exposition and lengthy, and often analytical, conversations between characters, nearly always with one character serving as a mediator or interpreter.

The role of characterization in this type of novel is thus one of providing information about unvoiced thoughts and feelings that can only be surmised from behavior patterns and reading between the lines. As such it arguably brings a richer dimension to narrative description than is found in any other type of novel – including our own day.

The narrative structure is arguably one of the hallmarks of the nineteenth-century novel. It defines plot events, delineates character arcs, and presents an overarching story that unfolds in chronological time. However, this continuity is often punctuated by gaps or interruptions that evoke a simultaneous sense of pastiness.

Whether it be an episodic narrative early in the text, incidents occurring out-of-order within plot developments at various points throughout the narrative, or narratives extending beyond any definite ending to convey temporal experience as rife with interruptions to linearity (such as those offered through William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury), interruptions are seen as integral to maintaining suspense and anticipation

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3. Analyse the thematic concerns of Realist novels, inferring the significance of such important issues as social class, child neglect and abuse, patriarchy, and the British empire, and relating this to the contemporaneous founding and early history of Singapore.

Thematic concerns can be split in two ways. The first distinction is between the subject of the novel’s story and the author’s tone or ‘point of view’. Obviously, authors use different tones for different types of novels to match their specific plots. Authors have also experimented with various tones in order to tell an interesting story.

Some examples are Saramago’s Blindness where his externalized narrative tone creates a detached observer, Larsen’s Quicksand, where she uses a narrative that veers from lyrical soliloquies to psychological investigations when speaking about its central characters; Rushdie’s Satanic Verses which has allegorical prose for expressing Sufism.

The earliest recorded history of Singapore is found in a stone urn uncovered near Fort Canning Park in 1847. It’s inscribed with an Indian Pali language and dates to the 3rd century AD when the island was part of ‘Srivijaya’. “A lot of people think Singapore didn’t have a local population,” said Chang Quo Shi, a historian from the National University of Singapore. “But it did have one, living by the sea at this area.” Srivijaya flourished across Johor and southern Sumatra between the sixth to tenth centuries A.D., according to Chiang Hai Khong, professor emeritus from NUS Department of Chinese Studies.

4. Compare and contrast nineteenth-century novels through close reading of stylistic features, language, themes, and discussion of literary criticism.

Stylistic features of nineteenth-century novels include the following.

1) Alternates between first and third-person narration.

2) Employs interior monologue.

3) Preserves innocence or integrity.

4) Presents the female protagonist as humble, pious, pious, and sacrificing.

5) Presents inconclusive ending.

6) Can be classified as a “realistic novel” because it depicts customary social behavior.

Writer Gaskell was a sympathetic observer because she shared upper-class values which are detectable by her inclination for capitalizing on episodes involving members of the social elite. She has a tendency to promote their roles in contrast with the people who are struggling existentially by placing them on any number of important occasions that match up with their status.

5. Explain the relevance of the evidence from the texts.

The relevance of the evidence found in the texts is that they provide a literary analysis of what Christianity was like during its early stages. It also gives light to historic criticism, which allows readers to question how much faith should be put into these documents.

The myriad translations of these texts make it difficult for accuracy, even though there are thousands of manuscripts that have been discovered over time. This can be attributed to human error or just old-fashioned errors in translation because no one possesses the original copy anymore and we read from copies who copied previous documents taking any mistake made by those individuals and making it just as true for this document too.

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6. Write properly structured papers on fiction and non-fiction, with correct citation of sources and presentation of bibliographies.

Properly structuring papers on fiction and nonfiction is an important step in the business of literature. Neither kind presents a problem for beginners because they both involve research, organization, writing skills, and judging others’ work. What separates them are the many subgenres that exist within each topic.

Papers on fiction typically explore literary subjects like character development or symbolism with excerpts from books as their primary source material. Non-fiction includes all types of writing but doesn’t require specific passages from particular articles like fiction can do since it’s grounded in objective reality (i.e., life). What makes nonfiction unique is its broad range of topics; it consists of memoirs, sociological studies, autobiographies, celebrity profiles.

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