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Air Asia Pestle Analysis Essay

Air Asia Pestle Analysis Essay

This essay sample on Air Asia Pestle Analysis Essay for Singapore students. Here we will discuss an overview based on Political Factors, Economic Factors, Social Factors, Technological Factors, Legal Factors, Environmental Factors, etc.

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Whether you are a Singaporean student or not, this Air Asia pestle analysis essay example will be very helpful to understand the basics of it.  If you are looking to download this paper, our experts can provide custom-made papers according to your school and college needs!

Introduction- Air Asia Pestle Analysis Essay 

Here, we shall be conducting the Air Asia Pestle analysis. For those who don’t know Air Asia is an airline. We shall be discussing more the same, Nevertheless, the main focus will be the PESTLE analysis. Thus, we shall be looking at all the concerning factors in detail. Therefore, without further adieu:

Main body- Air Asia Pestle Analysis Essay 

Air Asia: overview

AirAsia is the main travel and financial stage organization in the Asia Pacific, giving air transport, travel, and way of life items. AirAsia began as an easy transporter with tasks in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and India. In addition to this, it has conveyed over  600 million visitors to more than 160 objections in its organization across Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and the US.

Moreover, The airline has been named Skytrax World’s Best Low-Cost Airline 11 years straight from 2009 to 2019 and World Travel Awards World’s Leading Low-Cost Airline for eight continuous years from 2013 to 2020. Plus, AirAsia has been granted the best 7/7 stars for all airlines in the Group for Covid-19 wellbeing and safety measures.

Moving on, we shall look at the first factor of PESTLE in the next section of the sample essay.

Political Factors

Different political components influence the activities of Air Asia since the organization works across various nations. Subsequently, the organization also needs to follow the neighborhood limitations of the avionics sheets that work around there. The unique idea of the errand prompts expanded use of examination. This should be attempted to remain significant in the portion just as submit to the various guidelines.

Moreover, the arrival charges across nations fluctuate, which changes the working expense of airlines across the world. This is pretty much comparable in a specific locale however is liable to any progressions in the political circumstance. The strength in specific areas and the political relations between various nations, facilitate the tasks of the airlines. Illegal intimidation is a significant influencer of airline activities.

Furthermore, Air Asia doesn’t work in far-off territories. Due to significant fear-based oppressor unsettling influence. Plus, the work with most extreme alert in areas where illegal intimidation is spread across yet not excessively pervasive. An adjustment of strategy by the public authority definitely influences the matter of the airlines. Therefore, it turns out to be vital to monitoring every one of the progressions identified with the public authority.

Economic Factors

The economic state of a specific district portrays whether individuals can manage the cost of flights. With the flight being viewed as an extravagance method of transport, a raise in pay, with the flight costs getting less expensive will prompt popularity for flights.

At the point when limits are applied during the bubbly season, and individuals lean toward taking airways to travel distances and save time. Air Asia offers modest tickets and fewer in-flight benefits. Thus, the airlines have figured out how to create an easy transporter chain for the advancement of every one of its partners.

In addition, Another main consideration that influences the activity of the airlines is the reality related to the expense of fuel. With the exchange battle between the US and the UAE nations. There have been significant variances in the cost of the oil. These progressions in cost are liable for causing an increment in the working expense of the airlines.

Furthermore, the airlines are influenced when the downturn hits various business sectors and nations. With swelling joined by low spending by the purchaser, causes a stoppage for the airlines. Since individuals keep away from pointless spending on extravagance and spotlight more on the necessities.

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Social Factors

The airlines’ accentuation on ‘Safety first’ for every one of its clients. Along with this slogan, it has made a picture of a protected airline for different shoppers across the Asia Pacific district. As the number of explorers rises across various nations, particularly from the Asia Pacific area, the airlines have figured out how to develop by more than 20% year over year in contrast with different airlines.

Moreover, Air Asia has figured out how to comprehend the need of Asian clients. Thus it has furnished them with a minimal effort alternative with great nature of administration being given. The airlines have also figured out how to make an incentive for the sum their clients pay.

Furthermore, in order to help its client by means of value administration. Air Asia has figured out how to incorporate staff that communicates in different dialects. Particularly the Asian dialects to serve its buyers better. Therefore, Air Asia, with its objective to serve individuals better, has bantered with different neighborhood pioneers, prior to opening new courses and social undertaking activities.

Technological Factors

Air Asia attempts to remain refreshed with the new advances and computerized media. The airlines have a solid presence via online media. For example on Instagram, it continues to post new updates.

Moreover, The airlines advance internet booking, inn appointments, vehicle employ, and so on. AirAsia runs an online program GO holiday. Here visitors can book holiday bundles online progressively. The organization continues to change its aircraft to remain refreshed and pertinent in the portion. With later and most refreshed advances, the organization has figured out how to improve eco-friendliness. While giving its purchasers a more extravagant and simpler ride.

Furthermore, AirAsia has likewise been chipping away at chargeable in-air Wi-Fi. This will work with the shoppers by furnishing them with free Wi-Fi for a fixed sum. In fact, it also declared an innovation community that will be associated with giving custom advanced answers for the airlines

Legal Factors

Since Air Asia works across different areas, it needs to follow the various guidelines that win across these districts. Despite the fact that the market in the Asia Pacific district has become more changed, the guidelines for the flight area have not.

Furthermore, Expansion in rivalry, rise in the expense of fuel, and expanded swelling in certain nations have all influenced the activities of the airlines. However, to remain in business the airlines need to comply with the various guidelines. Since the airline works across various locales. It likewise needs to deal with the various laws identified with work in these areas are followed.

Moreover, The staff utilized by the airlines straightforwardly to work in various locales should be repaid as indicated by the legalities winning in those districts. The airline additionally needs to consider different guidelines identified with offering quality assistance to its shoppers, since a pass in these approaches will prompt significant harm to the brand, alongside gigantic money-related impact.

Environmental Factors

Air Asia has been pursuing making an imprint in the field of maintainability. The airlines have attempted to decrease the heaviness of their transporters, to work with lower utilization of fuel, and increment effectiveness.

Moreover, The airlines to save paper has embraced the activity of reusing its travel 360 magazines. Plus it uses the cash created from the cycle towards the Red Heart Fund.  In addition to that, It has also embraced the activity of reusing the lodge squander that is created per flight. This is prepared by affirmed merchants, and the returns are used by the Red Heart Fund for its social causes.

The airlines are attempting to do their spot by assisting with saving the climate. This is viewed as motivation and taken up by all significant flight organizations.


AirAsia is a company that has been around for a while. They have faced many challenges and were able to overcome them with their innovative business model, which focuses on the affordability of air travel. The market competition in this industry is intense because there are so many other companies trying to provide affordable flights as well.

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