You have been with this not-for-profit early childhood centre since its opening 10 years ago. It serves families with children ages 4 to 6 years of age: Early Childhood Leadership Report, NIEC, Singapore

University National Institute of Early Childhood Development(NIEC)
Subject Early Childhood Leadership

You have been with this not-for-profit early childhood centre since its opening 10 years ago. It serves families with children ages 4 to 6 years of age. Write a proposal to The International for Kids Foundation, whose mission is to fund projects that improve the lives of young children, on expanding the programmes and services that your centre provides. Convince the board at this foundation that your proposal is worthwhile, and that you can deliver on the project.


This provides the reader with an initial impression of the project. It should provide an overview of the significance of the proposed project and important information such as the objectives and the impact of this project. In particular, it should have:

  • What is the proposal addressing?
  • Project details. What will happen? Where and how? Who will do it? Who and how many will benefit? How long will it take?
  • Funding requirements. How much will it cost? What will the sources of funding be? Is it just an initial expense or will there be a need for continued funding? If so, where will it come from?
  • Relevance. Why is the centre uniquely suited to do what you propose? What is the history, purpose, and track record?


Explain why this project matters, both to the community and to this funding organisation. Support your arguments with relevant facts and statistics from various sources. Literature support would strengthen the arguments for your case. Provide an analysis of the situation and internal and external environments that make this project viable. Then explain how your project and centre will improve the current situation and provision of your centre.


Provide the details of your project. Explain what you hope to accomplish and how. What manpower is needed to carry out this project? How will you be measuring success and how will the project continue after the funding period? This portion should include:
a) Objectives
Explain the objectives making them concrete and providing measurable outcomes
b) Methods
Give details as to how and when you will carry out the objectives. Explain each phase of the project giving clear timelines. Include details such as the purchase of materials etc, selection and training of personnel etc
c) Personnel
Explain how personnel will be chosen. What selection criteria are you setting? What would their roles be?
d) Evaluation
What are the measurable? How would you know that the objectives have been
met? Who will you report these findings to?
e) Potential
How do you see this project evolving after funding ends?


You need to provide realistic financial information that provides the proposed revenue needed for the existing and expansion operations. The proposed expenses are also needed so that your reader has a clear idea of the financial commitment needed.

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