You have been engaged by Melville City Council as a Crime Prevention Consultant: Policing and Crime Prevention Essay, TP, Singapore

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University Temasek Polytechnic (TP)
Subject Policing and Crime Prevention

Assignment Details:

You have been engaged by Melville City Council as a crime prevention consultant because of their concerns about the rising number of complaints of crime in the Council area. They have concerns in regards to crime at public transport locations and the venues of healthcare providers. Issues of concern have included anti-social behavior, assaults/sexual assaults, vandalism/graffiti, car theft, theft from cars including damage to vehicles being stolen from, and bag theft.

Select one of these concerns, develop a crime prevention plan you can pitch to the Council drawing upon the material covered in this unit.

Your critical response to this plan should draw on your knowledge about crime patterns, crime prevention theory, and the capacity to modify crime opportunities. It is expected that you will draw heavily on empirical literature and applied criminological research to formulate and substantiate your argument.

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Your response will include a minimum of 15 references. Given the applied nature of this research and the wide range of sources of information that are available, it is acceptable to use government reports (e.g., the Australian Institute of Criminology reports) and evaluations undertaken by government agencies (e.g., finalists in both the Goldstein Awards and Tilley Awards) in addition to peer-reviewed academic sources (journal articles or edited books).

Unpublished web pages are not acceptable sources of information. Neither is the lecture material. You are expected to make an argument that is substantiated with the use of evidence.

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