University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject Media in Singapore

This assignment aims to help you understand better Singaporean or your own culture and how you relate to it. We ask you to search and select an item from the popular press that features Singapore. It should be a piece that was published in the past year (12 months).

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The item can come from any paper or electronic media source, published in Singapore or internationally as long as it is a factual news piece (or analysis of news) from a reputable source. Be careful NOT to use internet media sources that are not associated with a reputable newspaper.

The news piece you choose should include aspects that relate, refer or inform the reader about some aspect of Singaporean culture. First, you need to briefly summarise the item and then to respond to it.

I want you to give your opinion on what is reported, to agree or argue with it, and to write why and you should tell clearly how it relates to an aspect of the Singaporean culture. Please attach a copy/photo/screenshot of that news item in the assignment Appendix. I encourage you to focus on English language items.

But please feel free to choose Chinese language materials as well. If you choose an item written in Chinese, please provide a summary (not literal translation) of the item in the Appendix. Reflective thinking is an important aid to adult learning.

In the final part of your analysis reflect critically upon your observations. The critical question at the heart of your analysis is how you personally experience Singaporean culture. Successfully completing this task requires that during the weeks ahead of the deadline, you devote some time to reflect on what you have experienced during your day.

It could be applied at the end of any workday, workweek, project, or assignment at work or college. You can spend several minutes–more if it involves reflecting on a prolonged period of time–thinking about the experience you have been through and what you can learn from it, about yourself and the society you live in. What you write maybe an insight into a management issue or it could be a new insight into human behavior or group functioning. It may be a practical idea that you can apply in a particular situation. It may be something about yourself that you just now became aware of.

In this assignment, do feel free to express your personal views and to do so in an individual way as possible. This essay is private and will be read-only by UCD / Kaplan teaching staff. You can also supplement or illustrate your essay with references to various media sources. Sample of suggested sources for learning about your culture:

  • Social Media about Singapore.
  • Films about Singapore, or films made in Singapore.
  • Books about Singapore, or books written by Singapore writers.
  • Recent articles about life, culture, and work in Singapore.

This assignment is more personal in nature and, as such, can be written in any format you choose. Length is less important than conveying subjective reflection and analytical evaluation of your learning experience.

Students are expected to demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge and application of Cross-cultural Management through the execution of a high level of discussion, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation with regard to the specific question.

Students are expected to write a structured answer with an introduction, structured paragraphs with spaces between each paragraph, and a conclusion.

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