Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS) Questions

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LCBS5051: Evaluate the Availability, Suitability and Cost of a Variety of Forms of Finance- Financial Decision Making Assignment, SUSS

Assignment Details: Students must demonstrate the ability to analyse a wide range of financial data including financial statements, cash flows (revenues and expenditures), organisational targets related to financial proposals, costs, and company survivorship. Students must apply concepts, theories, methods and techniques taught during the module

In Today’s Increasingly Competitive Market, Many Organisations are Facing Challenges in Operations: Lean Six Sigma, SUSS

Assignment Details: In today’s increasingly competitive market, many organisations are facing challenges in operations due to various issues in their business processes which are critical to their business. Lean Six Sigma provides the methods and tools to identify process issues and implement measures to improve the business process. Consid

Looking for Plagiarism free Answers for your college/ university Assignments.

FIN383: Financial Technology (fintech) Companies have Attracted Great Interest and Funding- Financial Technologies and Innovations Assignment, SUSS

SECTION A You are required to submit the following items for this ECA: A report, answering Questions 1 - 3 of Section A A Jupyter Notebook (.ipynb) for Question 4 of Section A. All documentation/comments/assumptions of Question 4 must be made within the .ipynb file using either Markdown or inline comments. A video for Section B A set

Sport is Marathon, Movement is Running, Injury is Plantar Fasciitis: Functional Anatomy Essay

Assignment Details: Essay Assignment on the topic: Sport is Marathon, Movement is Running, Injury is Plantar Fasciitis In this report, students are required to apply their knowledge of anatomy to the rehabilitation of a sport-related injury. The report should consist of three parts: 1. An overview of the selected sport Select a sport and a

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BUS100: Mike has Started a Food Catering Business. He Faces Many Business Challenges- Business Skills and Management Assignment, SUSS

Question 1 Mike has started a food catering business. He faces many business challenges. This assignment requires you to practise principles of correct spreadsheet construction and design to help Mike to improve decision making in solving business problems. Mike needs a van for food delivery. There are two components of the initial cost of owni

EEE6006: Since 1 July 2016, Electricity Consumers in Singapore Pay: Smart Grids and Cyber Security Assignment

Problem Statement: A Case Study on Energy Efficiency Since 1 July 2016, electricity consumers in Singapore pay a standard flat electricity tariff for their electricity usage. In an effort to encourage energy-saving and to reduce energy demand during peak hours (i.e. reduce peak demand), the Energy Market Authority of Singapore decides to mandate

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Unit 17: The Name of Shangri-La is a Very Traditional Name and Come with Oriental Culture: Work Based Experience Assignment, SUSS

Assignment Details: The name of Shangri-La is a very traditional name and come with oriental culture foundation. The meaning of the name naturally associates warmth, romantics and peace as make people feeling like being in a paradise which is not available in other high-end hotel groups. The hospitality of Shangri-La is a magic weapon for global r

The Entrant of FinTech Companies in the Provision of Financial Services: Finance Assignment, SUSS

Question Suggest and discuss some of the steps that regulators are doing to ensure the continued stability of the financial system with the entrant of fintech companies. Make good use of examples, statistics and events to augment your discussion. Sub Answer The entrant of FinTech companies in the provision of financial services has brought

Looking for Plagiarism free Answers for your college/ university Assignments.

(ANL203): Consider an Organisation that You have Previously Worked for or Any Organization: Analytics for Decision Making Assignment

Question 1 Consider an organization that you have previously worked for or any organization that you are familiar with. Think about the role of a dashboard that could assist managers for effective data analysis and communication. Build such a dashboard on your own. Please attached a screenshot of the selected dashboard. (a) Recommend the type

SCO101: Present a Real-World Case Study of Global Concern: Why Do Good? Progress Report, SUSS

SCO101: Why Do Good? Progress Report Question In this assignment, you are required to respond to the question “Why do good?” in the context of a real-world case study of global concern in strictly no more than 600-words (excluding references).   (a) Present a real-world case study of global concern. You should identify relevant eth

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