Understanding, Research Perspectives, and Personal Experiences on the Motivation and Volition: Motivation, Volition and Learning-in-Action Essay, NTU, Singapore

University Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
Subject Motivation Volition and Learning-in-Action

Individual Essay:

This is an essay written from a combination of understanding, research perspectives, and personal experiences on the motivation and volition of the course participant whose intent is to live life happily, meaningfully, and in the balance service of others. The essay needs to be about 2000– 2500 words. The essay needs to be given a title.

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The essay will comprise of the following three marking criteria:

  1. Understanding & integration of theories and research with personal experiences.
  2. Depth & breadth of understanding & applications of motivation and volition in the teaching profession or in real life.
  3. Relevance, creativity & writing ability (including APA (6th ed.) format for references).
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