University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject Master of Taxation

Individual Assignment 

“The Singapore government has managed the Covid 19 pandemic crisis by providing many packages such as resilience, solidarity for Singaporeans over the last 9 months. Further, there were deductions available for remote working especially for employment income”. Validate the above statement.

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Prepare an academic report (not exceeding 1,500 words) on tax implications of different packages received in Singapore.

1) Provide an extensive discussion of the above packages and explain to what extent are they taxable if any;
2) Explain what types of deductions are available for remote working attributable to employment income;

3) Mr. and Mrs. Singh are living in a 3 room flat at Hougang with 2 children aged 12 and 14 years respectively. Mr. and Mrs. Singh were on remote working since April 2020. Mr. Jenson Singh has an annual income of $75,000 and Mrs. Darwinder Singh has a monthly income of $4,200. She had a pay cut of 10% from May 2020 till the end of December 2020.

4) Mr. Singh’s father, Harbajan Singh aged 59 is staying with them and was working as a security guard at DBS bank at Tampines for a monthly salary of $2000. He was working at the bank throughout the year.

5) The base month Electricity bill on the household for March 2020 was $300. The monthly bill for the following months was:

  1. April – $450
  2. May – $400
  3. June – $280
  4. Jul – $355

remained the same for Aug to December 2020. These charges were before U save rebates given in April, July, and October 2020. In June 2020, Mr. Jenson Singh bought a new Lenovo laptop for $4,200 whilst Mrs. Darwinder Singh repaired her existing laptop for charges of $340.

a) Show clear computations of each tax payer’s gross income (inclusive of Mr. Singh’s father) and the attributable expenses deductible for each. Justify each deduction and how they were apportioned if any; Your discussion should also include the laptops.

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