Statistic Project (Psychology batch)

This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment. The project is based on the application of Correlation concepts. Think of 2 variables for which you suspect there is some kind of “link” (eg. Size of family vs student performance or attendance pattern). You need to interview at least 30 people; ideally, the members should be from the following:

  1. Other MDIS students (not your class); 10 members
  2. Neighbors; 5 members
  3. Outside friends; 5 members
  4. Members from the public (totally unknown to you); 5 members
  5. Relatives; 5 members

I am very flexible about how you choose your sample in view of the “lockdown” period.

After collecting the data, you must do the following:

  • Plot a scatter diagram
  • What can you infer from this?
  • Calculate the Coefficient of Correlation
  • Calculate the Coefficient of Determination
  • Comment on the “quality” of the equation
  • What are the inherent weaknesses of calculating (c)?
  • Should you go out to the whole world and boast of your research result?

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