The client, Mr Yeo, is a 65-year-old Chinese male, divorced, living alone, and was admitted to the hospital in a near-comatose condition: Master of Counselling Case Study, SUSS, Singapore

University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject Master of Counselling

Case study

The client, Mr. Yeo, is a 65-year-old Chinese male, divorced, living alone, and was admitted to the hospital in a near-comatose condition yesterday because of an overdose of approximately thirty tablets of Valium, 5 MGM, combined with alcoholic intoxication. The client was given supportive care and is alert at the present time. A heavy drinker, he has been unemployed from his janitorial job for the past three months because of his drinking. He acknowledges feeling increasingly depressed since being fired, and for the past two weeks, he has had insomnia, anorexia, and a ten-pound weight loss. He indicates he wanted to die, had been thinking of suicide for the past week, planned the overdose, but had to “get drunk” because “I didn’t have the guts” [to kill myself].” He is unhappy that the attempt failed, states that, “nobody can help me” and he sees no way to help himself. He denies having any close relationships or caring how others would feel if he committed suicide (“Who is there who cares?”). He views death as a “relief.” His use of alcohol has increased considerably in the past month. He denies having any hobbies or activities, “just drinking.” He was eventually referred to see a psychotherapist by his social worker.


In an essay format, elaborate on how Mr. Yeo may benefit from the psychotherapeutic interventions. As the attending therapist, recommend a model of intervention, and how he may also benefit from other modalities in order to overcome some of the limitations of the chosen model. You can assume that you are a trained psychotherapist and engaged to support Andrew.

What is expected:

1. Apply a therapeutic model for the case study and clearly describe the basic therapeutic processes involved in treating his condition. Explain the stages and the processes involved. For simplicity, the stages can be divided into early, middle, and late stages.

2. Critique the recommended approach.

3. Describe how other modalities can address or overcome the limitations of this approach.

4. Do provide a simple introduction and conclusion in this essay.

5. Do use clear paragraphing to identify and support your answers.

6. Correctly reference all works used in the creation of your essay

and provide a text citation of the location in your essay where you have used this work.

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