SOC209: If you were a Leader in the Current time, how would you Improve the Commonly used practices to Promote Gender Diversity, Inclusion: Gender Issues Report, SUSS, Singapore

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University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject SOC209: Gender Issues

Women’s Rights Report

“If you were a leader in the current time, how would you improve the commonly used practices to promote gender diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities in Singapore corporate organizations today?”

You are encouraged to consider, but not limit your analysis and solutions to the following areas:

  • Gender diversity and fair representation in the firm and leadership roles
  • Workplace discrimination and biases
  • Fairness in recruitment Notes:
  • Conduct market research to uncover insights into the gaps that exist within current D&I initiatives
  • Consider the barriers to entry for females
  • Reasonably quantify the impact of your solutions • Your scope of analysis should primarily be focused on the Singapore context, but you may draw references and comparisons with other Southeast Asian countries.

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