SM9636: Assess Knowledge of Contemporary Professional Practice in Business: Strategic Management for Sustainable Leadership Assignment, NU, Singapore

University Northumbria University (NU)
Subject SM9636: Strategic Management for Sustainable Leadership

Mapping to Programme Goals and Objectives

Module Level Objectives:

Knowledge & Understanding:

MLO-1: Know how leaders and various stakeholder groups measure and appreciate business success.

MLO-2: Understand how to critically evaluate endogenous and exogenous strategy perspectives for a sustainable business environment.

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Intellectual / Professional Skills & Abilities:

MLO-3: Develop Desk Research skills in preparing and writing a thoroughly researched and compelling strategic argument for a company.

MLO-4: Ability to critically analyse business strategies and present suitable, feasible, acceptable, and sustainable recommendations to business leaders in a succinct manner.

Programme (Level) Learning Outcomes that this module contributes to:

Knowledge and Understanding:

  1. Assess knowledge of contemporary professional practice in business and management informed by theory and research.
  2. Critically apply knowledge of business and management to complex problems in or related to professional practice in order to identify justifiable, sustainable, and responsible solutions.

Intellectual / Professional Skills and Abilities:

  1. Critique their personal skills and attitudes for progression to post-graduate contexts including professional work, entrepreneurship, and higher-level study.
  2. Personal Values Attributes (Global / Cultural awareness, Ethics, Curiosity):
  3. Appraise an awareness of the cultural and ethical contexts in which international business operates.
  4. Critique creative and critical thinking skills that involve independence, understanding, justification, and the ability to challenge the thinking of self and others.
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