S3220C: You are a Sports Officer with SportSG and Tasked to Review NSAs’Programmes Under your Account: Strategic Sports Development Assignment, RP, Singapore

University Republic Polytechnic (RP)
Subject S3220C: Strategic Sports Development

Task Description:

In Singapore’s sports eco-system, national Sports Associations (NSA) play an integral role in the promotion and development of sports in Singapore.  As non-profit organizations, they are funded primarily by the Government via SportSG and are at times supported by sponsors and private individual funders.

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You are a Sports Officer with SportSG and tasked to review NSAs’programmes under your account to recommend an NSA for a30% increase in annual funding to achieve long-term international sporting success.

In your review and recommendation report, you will perform an analysis on ONE of the following NSAs:

  • Singapore Bowling Federation;
  • Singapore Athletics Association; OR
  • Singapore Football Association

Apply ALL the following frameworks/concepts in your analysis:

  • The PEST framework
  • The 3 levels of influence of sporting success
  • The 9 pillars of sports policy factors influencing success

Include references in your paper to justify and support your arguments. You are required to cite a minimum of 3 credible resources in-text (such as journal articles, news articles, etc.) for your written assignment. Refer to this guide.

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