PSY371e: To apply the breadth and depth of your knowledge as a young performance psychologist: Performance Psychology TMA Assignment, SUSS, Singapore

University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject PSY371e: Performance Psychology

Case Formulation Report

To apply the breadth and depth of your knowledge as a young performance psychologist, you have been tasked to develop and design an in-depth case formulation report.

As the field of performance psychology is broad, this assignment will be restricted to performance-related experiences specific to the educational setting (e.g., students, teachers, lecturers, principals, etc.). The specific client and environmental details within the prescribed experiential parameters, and the associated application of performance psychology, will be determined by you.

Part (a): Contextualisation

• A detailed reflection on your consulting philosophy (i.e., beliefs and values, both theoretical and personal, which will guide your interpretations and decisions).

• Information to illustrate the context/environment of your client.

Introduction to the client which can include details such as your personal
observations, background information and other details that may be relevant to building a strong report.

Part (b): Intake Interview

• A detailed summary of the intake interview, with at least four extracts/quotes
(included in word count) to illustrate the practitioner-client dialogue and to be used as evidence to support the case formulation. This can be written in a style similar to the presentation of qualitative interview data/results.

• The performance interview guide by Aoyagi et al. (2017) should be used to support the intake interview process (e.g., types of questions to ask the client).

• The recommended limit for this part is 500 words (including client extracts).

Part (c): Case Formulation

• A critical discussion to support the selection of a structured psychological approach, of your choice, to systematically interpret the client’s needs (e.g., Gardner and Moore, 2004, 2005).

• Note that while the multi-level classification system by Gardner and Moore (2004, 2005) is recommended for this assignment, you have the autonomy to choose other approaches.

• For any selected psychological approach, you must justify and provide a rationale for your decision (i.e., why?).

• An evidenced-based conceptual evaluation, informed by the aforementioned
structured psychological approach. You should empirically demonstrate your
understanding of the client’s needs in relation to the details of your intake interview.

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