Propose the marketing plan for a new product launch – mineral water to a company of your choice in Singapore: Market Planning, Research Paper, SUSS, Singapore

University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject Market Planning Research Paper

Propose the marketing plan for a new product launch – mineral water to a company of your choice in Singapore – with respect to the requirements below.

Structure of the report:

1.0 Executive Summary – 

Summarize the most important aspects of the business and marketing plan.

2.0. Introduction to Company Background 

Provide some basic information about the company and the range of products and marketing activities that the company is currently doing. Include the vision and mission of the company

Introduction and Justification for new product launch

3.0. Market Situation 

This section is to explain current marketing situation in the current market.

Questions to address will be:

  1. Who are the key players in the market – identify 2 key players
  2. Who is the target market?
  3. How are the competitors marketing different from each other
  4. How are their products being marketed?

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Key competitors Analysis – Identify 1 main key competitor and justify accordingly

4. Company Analysis

  • To conduct a SWOT and TOWS Analysis (Strategic options)

 5.0. Industry Analysis

 To conduct Porter’s 5 Forces analysis and provide a conclusion for the entire analysis. Justify reasons for going into the industry.

6. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

 Detailed description and proper classification of Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning map with properly identified strategy.

Segmentation needs to be properly classified.

The target market must be clearly identified and described

Position map must be included with proper explanation of the positioning strategy.

7. Marketing Strategies 

Explain in detail the following marketing mix strategy for the new product launch.        Justify the new product launch base on the analysis above (SWOT, PESTEL,   Porter’s 5 Forces)

  • Product – explain the features and all relevant information about the new product launch and also include a PLC curve
  • Price – explain three consideration in setting the price and the pricing strategy to be clearly identified and justified
  • Place – explain the distribution approach for the new product and also the distribution strategy adopted
  • Promotion – Use only 2 promotion mix for the launch and justified the reason for using the chosen promotion mix.

8.  Prepare a profit and lost statement for the product launch –

the figures must be   realistic. Do a profit and loss statement forecast for 2 years (including the first  year or launch)

9.   Conclusion

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