OM is a Highly Important Function in Today’s Dynamic Business Environment: Operation Management Assignment, SMU, Singapore

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University Singapore Management University (SMU)
Subject Operation Management

Assignment Brief

OM is a highly important function in today’s dynamic business environment. Among the trends that have had a significant impact on business are just-in-time, total quality management, reengineering, flexibility, time-based competition, supply chain management, a global marketplace, and environmental issues.

Choose any manufacturing or service-related MNC or SME and write a report on how they implement the above functions in these competitive and dynamic environments.

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The report should consist of the following main sections:


01 Introduction of the company, the nature of its business & any other relevant facts

02 Explanation of the global marketplace, and environmental issues affecting the chosen company in operations management.

03 Review and explain how just-in-time, total quality management & reengineering may be implemented for the chosen company. (Note: Students must relate theories and concepts covered in class to practice).

04 Review and explain how flexibility, time-based competition, supply chain management may be implemented for the chosen company. (Note: Students must relate theories and concepts covered in class to Practice)

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