NBHS1504: Discuss the Characteristics of True Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs: Research Methodology Assignment, OU, Singapore

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University The Open University (OU)
Subject NBHS1504: Research Methodology


The aim of this assignment is to assess students’ cognitive thinking skills and the ability to distinguish clearly between the research design and the characteristics involved in the organization of the research methodology process.


In the world of research, the results are determined by the design, methods, and objectives of the study. There is no single research design that can be used for all studies, but research can be done using a variety of different designs (Chua Yan Piaw, 2012).

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Discuss the characteristics of True Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs.

There are several effects in the experimental design that will influence the cause-effect relationship between the variables.

Elaborate on FIVE(5) of the effects that need to be minimized in the experimental design.

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