Topic 1: Transport:

there is a growing demand to increase resource utilization and intermodality/multimodality during transport phases in ways which challenge established transport strategies. Choose a company to: Identify and explain its intermodal/multimodal transportation choices;

Examine how this company can increase the intermodality/multimodality in its supply chains, for some or all of its product categories; and Critically evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the new intermodal/multimodal transportation choices.

You MUST provide relevant examples (e.g. logistics/transport companies) from the literature sources to support your response. You are recommended to use diagrams and flow charts to illustrate and underpin your analysis. This question carries 45% of the marks.

Topic 2:  Warehouses:

whether they are classed as national distribution centres, regional distribution centres, warehouses or hubs, perform a variety of different roles. Strategic and operational factors impact the effectiveness and efficiency of warehouse operations throughout the supply chain.

Select a company to: Examine how this company manages its warehouses and propose different/better order picking principles to suit the company’s strategic and operational factors; and Critically evaluate how the different/better order picking principles could be influenced by product inventory types, utilization of space, stock movement, technology and the location of picking areas.

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