MNGT 6801: Given the future focus of this unit, you need to understand not just current opportunities and threats: Global Strategic Management Report, BU, Singapore

University Benedictine University (BU))
Subject MNGT 6801: Global Strategic Management

Part 1: External environment analysis 

This part should detail the external environment relevant to the company chosen. Given the future focus of this unit, you need to understand not just current opportunities and threats but where opportunities and threats will arise in the future. Any images or graphs relied on should be paraphrased and sourced – no images are to be used in the analysis.

Part 2: Business level strategy analysis 

This part will analyze the business-level strategy of the company that team has chosen. It must describe its business-level strategy (cost OR differentiation OR integrated) and:

Business-Level Strategy chosen: Differentiation Leadership

  • Define the positioning of your company. àCompetitive Strategy – Differentiate Strategy &Porter’s Generic Strategies
  • Compare the positioning of your company with two of the closest competitors.
  • Come to a conclusion on the effectiveness of the differentiation strategy implementation.

Part 3: Ansoff Matrix 

This part uses the knowledge gained in the previous two parts to suggest a new business strategy for your chosen company based on the application of risk analysis and the Ansoff Matrix. (Use the excel spreadsheet) Steps 4 and 5 are what contribute to the word count and are what should be included in your assignment.

Part 4: Corporate governance and controls

This part addresses the suitability of the current governance structures of the chosen company, and where improvements can be made.

Part 5: Corporate entrepreneurship leader program

This part involves developing a corporate entrepreneurship leadership program proposal that could be applied to your chosen company. This program should aim to develop leaders’ ability to anticipate and thrive in disruption.

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