MGT551: Assume that you are working for a Singapore residential property company as Head of Training and Development: The Future of Work Homework, SUSS, Singapore

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University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject MGT551: The Future of Work

Assume that you are working for a Singapore residential property company as Head of Training and Development. The CEO of the company is concerned about the impact of AI and automation on the future of the local residential property business as well as the regions around Singapore. As such, you are tasked to embark on a project to help futureproof this company.

The following questions are meant to help you write this ECA.

Question 1

(a) Evaluate the issues related to the application of AI and process automation that will impact the future of this business.

(To address this question, you will need to conduct an online literature review to understand how AI and automation have shaped or will be shaping this industry. Articulate your findings and evaluate the issues that you think are relevant for the remaining questions in this ECA.)

(b) Once you have done the above, you will be in a better position to comment on the issues that will impact the various stakeholders in this industry. Discuss the implications of these issues on the various stakeholders in this context.
(As you present these issues, be ready to apply what you have learned in the course to structure your thought process. Concepts that will be useful include the 3P framework, the concept of manufactured normalcy, etc.)

Question 2

Based on the issues and challenges presented in questions 1a and 1b, prioritize the importance of the role of the future sales/market development executive or manager, and appraise the skills and attributes needed to perform this role.

(The previous question forces you to understand the background of the industry and where it is headed in the future. The current question focuses on the future development of the sales/marketing practitioner.)

(a) What is the role of the sales/marketing practitioner as we move into the future for this company? With an augmented work relationship with AI/automation, what value add can the practitioner provide to potential customers? In your answer, be prepared to support your claims based on the evidence which you have provided in your literature review in Q1(a) and Q1(b).

(b) Based on your answer in Q2(a), what attributes and skills do you think the new age sales/market development executive or manager in this industry needs to possess?

Justify your answer based on our discussion from the works by either Tom Friedman or Heather McGowan or the discussion concerning polymaths. In your answer, remember to apply the materials to this particular industry.

(c) Based on the issues which you have identified in Q1(a), design four survey questions which you would like to ask potential customers to better understand their views, needs, and expectations of future sales/market development executives or managers in this industry. Give a brief explanation for the rationale of each survey question.

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