MGMT317: Justify why you agree or disagree with the statement above and Critically evaluate and assess the statement: Organizational Behavior Assignment, SUSS, Singapore

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University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject MGMT317: Organizational Behavior


“This decade we witnessed the demise of a successful yet unconventional leader.  The death of Steve Jobs was mourned by millions all over the world and his achievement is the envy of many corporate leaders.  Notwithstanding that, it is often claimed that Steve Jobs’s leadership style does not match theories of leadership from textbooks yet he managed to command the best from his staff which transcended into indisputable results”.

Justify why you agree or disagree with the statement above?  Critically evaluate and assess the statement above by analyzing and comparing Steve Jobs’s leadership style and qualities with available theories of leadership you have learned.  Lastly, explain why Steve Jobs is different and unique in terms of leadership attributes from other corporate leaders from this decade.

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