Identify Logistics Problems in the Supply Chain (analyze the root cause) Use Fishbone Diagram Can Show 3-4 Root Cause: Logistics and Supply chain Management Report, SUSS, Singapore

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University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Prefer a company under DKSH. Journal and book.

• Find a company.


• Draw a simple supply chain diagram.

• Briefly explain.

SC flow

• Identify logistics problems in the supply chain. (analyze the root cause) use fishbone diagram can show 3-4 root cause, but discuss in dept with the two root cause will do

• Root cause of supply chain

Task 1- Based on the Global Supply Chain Management Simulation V2 in seminars, write a reflective report to review your decision process in the simulation. Your reflection should show the rationale of your decision and good practices as well as lessons learned from the simulation. How did you apply the theories and principles in the module should also be discussed in your reflection. References in this task are desirable but not compulsory.

Task 2 – Critical analysis of a company’s supply chain process In the module, we have studied logistics and supply chain processes.

Now, suppose you are the supply chain manager of a company you are familiar with (chosen by yourself), critically analyze the company’s logistics process in its supply chain, and discuss how would you apply the theories and principles learned in this module to improve the supply chain performance.

You are expected to analyze the whole logistics process first, and then to identify the key issue(s) or problem(s) in the company’s logistics, find out the reasons causing the problem(s) and propose appropriate solutions. Theories and principles learned in lectures and seminars should be applied to the selected company to justify your analysis.

In addition, the critical analysis should be underpinned by up-to-date peer-reviewed academic journal articles and examples and cases (not limited to the selected company)

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