HRM335: Effective leadership is crucial for the SAF to achieve its mission of providing credible deterrence: Leadership Development Case Study, SUSS, Singapore

University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject HRM335: Leadership Development

1. Effective leadership is crucial for the SAF to achieve its mission of providing credible deterrence, diplomacy, and defense in a VUCA1 environment. The mission of the SAF is to enhance Singapore’s peace and security through deterrence and diplomacy, and should this fail, to secure a swift and decisive victory over the aggressor. The need for effective and ethical leadership is most pronounced in the SAF where every Soldier, Sailor,, and airman bears the burden of unlimited liability. Effective SAF Leaders bring out the best in our people through the way they are trained and organized. Besides achieving mission success, SAF Leaders also have the responsibility to continually improve the organization and ensure the organization is ready to tackle future challenges.

2. Leadership Development (LD) in the SAF is the process of identifying leadership potential and motivation to lead and expand the collective leadership capacity through the Developmental Processes, Practices and Programs (3Ps). Additionally, Organisational Development (OD) equips SAF Leaders to lead change by developing their Capability and Capacity directed toward building and maintaining the organization’s system health and creating the desired future for the SAF.

3. The SAF LD doctrine provides a common language and understanding for SAF Commanders and Leaders to lead, engage and develop their followers to achieve the desired leadership outcomes within the operating environment. The SAF LD doctrine forms the basis to establish our military profession and identity, providing guidance to the employment of human science and technology to better develop the SAF’s human capability. The SAF LD doctrine is relevant to SAF Leaders at all levels.

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