University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject HRM255: Tripartite Relations in Singapore

Details of Assignment


Imagine you are an executive working in the Ministry of Manpower. An International Labour Organisation (ILO) delegation is visiting Singapore next month. You have been tasked to prepare a report to equip your Director with some talking points for this engagement with the ILO delegates. The topic of the meeting is ‘How COVID-19 effects/has affected tripartite relations’.


Write a 2,000-word report on the topic above. You are to write this report using THREE (3) articles from the popular press (e.g., newspapers, magazines, reports, journals, the Internet) that reflect themes relevant to the topic. Insightfully appraise each article using perspectives and information covered in classes and in the course notes.

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Additional Information

1. Selection of Articles. Choose TWO (2) articles that cover the Singapore context on the topic and ONE (1) article that covers a South East Asia perspective. The third article provides an opportunity for you to compare and contrast the industrial relations policies and practices in different countries.

2. Report Format. Divide your write-up into three sections.

Section A will cover your write-up on the first article. Section B will cover the second article while Section C covers the third article.

3. Appraisal of Article. For each article, be sure to include the following in your write-up:

  • Interpret and discuss the issue(s) or theme reflected in the article;
  • Explain whether the practice/approach is appropriate and/or adequate. If the article presents an opinion or a point of view, discuss the extent you agree or disagree with the author’s viewpoint, explaining the basis for your agreement or disagreement;
  • A brief conclusion: the “lessons” implied for employees and organizations/management
  • Appendices (in word format) to include scanned copies of your selected articles
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