Geoffrey James, (2011) attributes the world recession of 2008 to the almost complete deregulation: Business Analytics and Financial Decisions Assignment, AGI, Singapore

University Amity Global Institute (AGI)
Subject Business Analytics and Financial Decisions

Written Assignment 1 (50%)
A written research essay

Geoffrey James, (2011) attributes the world recession of 2008 to the almost complete deregulation of the financial industry in the USA. In his article ‘Top 14 Financial Frauds of All Time’ for CBS News he blames Wall Street financial institutions for fraudulently selling subprime mortgages, backed by securities, for triggering the destruction of “trillions of dollars of real investment throwing the world into crippling recession and creating massive unemployment”.

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(James, 2011) The influence of the USA on global markets makes for particular interest when understanding and evaluating the financial regulatory framework. The 2008 recession was responsible for uncovering two of the biggest and long-running Ponzi schemes of all time namely Bernard Madoff and, a year later, Allen Stanford.

With a limit of 1,500 words your essay should research the following:
You are to investigate the case of Allen Stanford and your findings should include the following:
• The background of Allen Stanford, the business he founded and the investments he offered.

• How was he able to grow his business unchallenged by the US regulatory authorities?

• Provide an understanding of how the culture inside the business enabled Stanford to continue with the fraudulent activities for so long.

• What eventually brought about Allen Stanford’s conviction?

Your work must be word processed in good format and your word count should not excessively exceed 1500 words.

This is an INDIVIDUAL research assignment designed to stretch students in investigative skills to determine relevant information to include in the essay.Work which is well written and correctly referenced will gain the higher grades. Plagiarism is not tolerated and will be deemed academic misconduct which will be reported.

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