Evaluate the Changing Consumer Perception of the Consumption of “Organic Food”: Consumer Psychology Assignment, MDIS, Singapore

University Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS)
Subject Consumer Psychology

Assignment Overview:

Question 1:

Evaluate the changing consumer perception of the consumption of “organic food” today.

  • The precedence of exposure to sensations before perception in relation to the purchase of organic food products
  • The possible exposure to the five (5) senses and the application of sensory thresholds in influencing the perception & purchase of organic food products
  • The application of “perception concepts” in the communication of information on organic food products
  • The relevance of semiotic relationships & positioning strategy in relation to organic food products

Question 2:

Discuss the impact of this evolving trend on the consumer decision making process for the conscious purchase of “organic food”.

  • Discuss the five (5) steps of the decision-making process in relation to the purchase of organic food products (high/low involvement purchases)
  • Apply concepts related to the five (5) steps of the decision-making process in the purchase of organic food products
    1. Need recognition – current & desired states, closing the gap, creating primary & secondary demand
    2. Information search – internal & external search, incidental & directed learning
    3. Evaluation of alternatives – evoked, inert & inept sets, categorization, positioning, substitute & exemplar products, evaluation criteria used
    4. Decision-making – heuristics, compensatory & non-compensatory decision-making rules
    5. Post-purchase evaluation – measuring performance against expectations, satisfaction, cognitive dissonance
  • Emphasize the “influencing” factors & concepts on the buying process (example: personal or social factors)

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Question 3:

Analyze the key psychological variables (such as personality, attitudes, motivation, and learning) that also influence the buying behavior of consumers.

  • Describe the application of personality theories to the purchase of organic food products (Freudian theories, Neo- Freudian theories, Trait theories)
  • Discuss the usefulness of “brand personality” in relation to the purchase of organic food products
  • Apply relevant “lifestyle” concepts and “psychographic segmentation” principles to the purchase of organic food products

Question 4:

In the view of social and cultural influences, explore the sustainability of future demand in the consumption of “organic food”, particularly with reference to the post-“Covid-19 era”.

  • You can relate to the influences of family decision-making, reference groups, conformity and social classes in the consumption of “organic food”
  • Discuss the implications of adopter categories influencing the purchase of “organic food”
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