Develop a Critical Awareness and Understanding of Strategy and its Relevance: Hospitality Management Assignment, Singapore

University Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
Subject Hospitality management

Aims of the Module/Assessment:

  • Develop a critical awareness and understanding of strategy and its relevance and application to different contexts.

Assignment Question:

  1. Create a strategic profile of a company of your choice, and then evaluate that company’s current strategy in action. Finally, identify and develop a strategic recommendation that you believe would significantly enhance the company’s performance in the market place.
  2. Introduce your report, the subject and the company and outline the structure to your answer. Within this, you are expected to outline the company’s market position, their recent performance, their competitive set, the challenges they face as a business and the strategic direction they are moving in.
  3. Develop a comprehensive strategic analysis of your chosen You are required to apply a variety of complementary strategic frameworks (minimum of 5) in developing your analysis of the company, and its internal and external business environments.
  4. Develop a SWOT analysis that reflects and explains the strategic information about your chosen company. The SWOT must utilise the profile and the analysis you have already compiled insections 1 and2 and should provide commentary around all the key information.
  5. From the SWOT, select one strategic factor (from any of the four areas) and develop its specific importance into a strategic recommendation for your chosen company. You should cover the benefits, potential opportunities, implications and risks of your strategic recommendation.

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The learning outcomes assessed in this assignment include the student’s ability to:

  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of fundamental, contemporary strategic theories and concepts.
  • Critically evaluate and apply appropriate concepts of strategy to practice, across a range of organisational contexts.
  • Assess alternative approaches to strategy and justify particular courses of action.
  • Evaluate the implications of strategic decisions within different organisational and cultural contexts.
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