Compare the extent that Freudian and Neo-Freudian approaches

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Part 1: Individual Poster
Note: Marks will be awarded only with the submission of Part 2 (Essay Question) via Turnitin.

“A consistent man believes in destiny, a capricious man in chance.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli, former British Prime Minister Recognise the relevance of determinism and free will to the study of personality and individual differences by applying these concepts to explain the meaning of this quote. You are required to organise and present this discussion in the form of a poster. Use the template provided on Canvas for your poster (PSY259e_Sample_poster.ppt); follow the given font sizes and formatting in the template.

Additional notes/guidance/instructions:

• This question is based off a brief video clip that you will be watching during the first faceto-face session of this course. You will be given time to discuss this TMA topic during this session. As such, to better utilise this opportunity during the session, you may prepare relevant content to bring to this group discussion.

• Posters are widely used in the academic community to summarise key research concisely to publicise it and attract discussion. Hence being clear and concise in a poster is crucial. Do NOT exceed 550 words for your poster and be sure to present your discussion based on the template provided.

• Do NOT add additional slides to the ppt; fit everything into the one slide provided in the template. You will be able to fit 600 words using the font type (Calibri) and size (42) provided for you in the template. Delete all examples/prompts written in red colour that are given in the current template for your reference.

• Your poster should include a comprehensive and engaging literature review, which includes relevant important and/or interesting theory and research findings in a) a general literature review section (e.g., the relevance of determinism and free will to the study of personality) and b) a section that concentrates on discussing the specific topic mentioned in the TMA query (i.e., applying theory and concepts to the cited quote to explain the quote’s meaning).

• The poster should be based on at least THREE references from credible journal/scientific sources (this excludes the course text and Study Guide). These references should be listed in a reference list on this poster. Online sources like Wikipedia and are NOT considered acceptable academic references and will not be considered as part of the three required references.

Part 2: Essay Question

Compare the extent that Freudian and Neo-Freudian approaches are variously driven by elements of determinism and/or free will. Cite at least two theoretical concepts under each approach in your response. (50 marks)

Additional notes/guidance/instructions:

• To answer this part of the question, in addition to knowledge on determinism and/or free will, you will have to review information from your textbook on Freudian and NeoFreudian approaches in personality theory. However, this will not be sufficient as the information in the textbook is limited. You are required to do additional research and cite at least THREE journal articles or book chapters of published books (excluding the course text and Study Guide).

• Reading widely and beyond the textbook will add depth to your essay, and references to relevant research studies and examples will attract more marks. There is an abundance of credible resources that you can access from the library and Library eResources. Again, internet references such as Wikipedia,, and online student papers are not counted as credible resources.

• You will need to cite all sources and provide complete references in APA style.

• When planning and writing the essay, remember that an analytical argument and critical evaluation will gain more marks than a descriptive essay. Being concise is also a good academic skill, so be cautious with your word count and reduce irrelevancy and meandering sentences.

• Note that an allowance of twice the noted word limit will be accepted for this part of the assignment before word limit penalties are applied. This is to allow students who wish to distinguish themselves by answering a question more fully, with research, to do so.

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