CET761: What you have A starting silicon wafer of p+ and n- configuration: Advanced Topics in Semiconductor Devices II Report, NTU, Singapore

University Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
Subject CET761: Advanced Topics in Semiconductor Devices II

What you have: A starting silicon wafer of p+ and n- configuration. The p+ concentration is 1020 /cm3 and n- concentration is 1014 /cm3
. The minority carrier lifetime at n-region is 2 µs.

What do you want to do: To design a vertical IGBT device with 100 full cells (each full cell is defined as one p-body region plus two n+ emitter regions within the p-body region, refer to the figure below) in parallel, with the following performance requirements:

  • Breakdown voltage rating: 800 V with cylindrical field crowding
  • Static latch-up current density: 8 A/cm (for all 100 parallel cells)
  • dv/dt sustainability greater than or equal to 109 V/s at 400 V dc voltage
  • Gate threshold voltage between 2.5 V to 3.0 V

What information do you need to provide for your design in report:
(a) p-body concentration and dimension
(b) distance between two neighbouring p-body regions
(c) the n-drift region dimension
(d) calculate the dynamic latch up current rating switching at 400 V.

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