BUSINESS123: Select any ONE (1) business ethical topic from the list below Unethical Management Behavior Sweatshop / Child Labour: Business ethics Coursework, PSB Academy, Singapore

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University PSB Academy
Subject BUSINESS123: Business ethics


  • Select any ONE (1) business ethical topic from the list below.
  • Unethical management behavior
  • Sweatshop / Child Labour
  • Harmful products
  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Land pollution
  • Large Scale Farming
  • Overfishing


  • Report Sections:
  • Introduction
  • Impact on Society (include examples & theories)
  • Ethical dilemma (include examples & theories)
  • Recommendations*
  • Conclusion

Impact on Society

  • This section is the heart of the report
  • To prepare this section you should read in advance the lecture notes relating to your topic of choice – Refer to Session Plan / Session Guide for details
  • This section covers the important issue eg. climate change and its impact on society eg. extreme weather conditions like extended winters, hurricanes, and losses of lives and properties in millions
  • How climate change may be linked to business like oil and gas, CO2 emission from vehicles
  • Statistics, data, reports from reliable & reputable sources to be used to support the impact and importance of the issue

Ethical dilemma

  • This section is the link between theory and real-world problem/issue discussed in the previous section
  • You need to identify and describe the following theories in relation to the problem / important issue discussed in the previous section
  • Utilitarian
  • Kantian

Ethical dilemma

  • The emphasis is on applying the appropriate theories to the problem / important issue in-depth and discuss both sides of the issue that give rise to an ethical dilemma.
  • overfishing can lead to future generations not having a fish supply but the current generation needs fish as a source of food, thus giving resulting in an ethical dilemma.

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