University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject BUS353: Project Management

Case Background

Despite the maturing of the Singapore Economy that shifted from manufacturing to the services sector, manufacturing remains a key pillar of the country’s growth. However, manufacturers must upgrade their capabilities to remain competitive in international markets.

Byte Manufacturing Services (BMS) was established in Singapore in 2005 by the founder and CEO, Mr. Goh Lip Peng. It started as a contract manufacturer providing product manufacturing and assembly services to international product designers under the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) business model. Throughout the years, BMS has improved its development capabilities to produce its own products, especially eco-friendly ones, and sell them to its international clients for rebranding under the Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) business model. BMS aspires to be another Creative Technology, selling products under its own brand name.

Developers must test their products at certified product test labs to prove compliance with the international Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Safety Standards before they can sell them. A test laboratory costs about S$500,000 to set up and must be accredited by the governing body, International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Hence it is more economical for developers to engage the services of existing test labs.

There are three such test labs in Singapore, TUV SUD PSB ( being one of them. However, the test service is expensive, and the laboratories’ overbooked schedules would often delay BMS’s product development processes, especially if product modifications are required.

BMS is divided into two main business departments: OEM Department offering manufacturing services and ODM Department offering product design services. Despite its success, BMS hopes to increase its range of products and services. It is currently renting a two-floor office cum factory premises at Sungei Kadut, on the outskirts of Singapore. Business is growing fast and BMS needs a bigger space, at a more convenient location.

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Question 1

Project Classification:

The management of BMS is planning for the next financial year’s operations. The management gathers the following potential projects:

  1. Project A: Acquire ISO9001 Certification for its operations.
  2. Project B: Set up a Product Test Lab.
  3. Project C: Relocate its premise.
  4. Project D: Establish a joint program with the Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS) to train its manufacturing engineers in Statistical Process Control (SPC).
  5. Project E: Prepare for a factory audit by Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) for its work processes under new directives to be executed from 1 November 2020.
  6. Project F: Develop a smartphone with a flexible screen.

You are required to judge each project and classify it into one (1) of the Compliance, Strategic or Operational categories.

Managing Project Teams:

BMS’ management wants to embark on Project C which calls the BMS Company Relocation Project (BCR Project). Assuming you are BMS’ Administration Manager and you are appointed to be the Project Manager. At the same time, the management wants you to carry out an exercise to standardize the office layout and new equipment.

The OEM and ODM Departments have each assigned an executive to represent them in this project. You shall also represent the interests of the HR and Finance Departments which are under your charge. As the relocation is not the core business of BMS, all the members are working part-time on this project.

Distinguish the right project management structure for the BCR Project.

Relate three activities that you or your team members mayor will have to carry out in each of the five stages of the Team Development Model.

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