BUS105: Collect at least 20 Observations for an intern-ratio Variable that is of Interest to Social Scientists: Statistics Assignment, SUSS, Singapore

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University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject BUS105: Statistics

Question 3

Collect at least 20 observations for an intern-ratio variable that is of interest to social scientists (Just a few examples: age, or monthly income, or years of schooling, or a weekly number of hours spent doing housework).
a. Specify what your variable is and list the data in your answers. Note: You could either directly list the data in the word file or enter the data into an excel file and cut and paste yaw Excel output into your answer.

b. Find the minimum, maximum, mean, median, and standard deviation. Briefly interpret your results. Note: If you choose to compute manually, show the necessary steps in your answers as well. If you choose to use Excel for the computation, cut and paste your Excel output into your answer to demonstrate that you have used Excel

c. Apply the empirical rule to determine an interval that contains approximately 68 percent of the choose-actions. Compare this to the actual results. Does the normal distribution yield a good approximation of the actual results? Why or why not? Note: Show the necessary calculations in your answers.

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