University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject BUS103 (Online) Organisational Behaviour

Question 1

The global search for talent has led many organisations to embrace diversity in the workplace. The BUS103 Organisation Behaviour (OB) course is teaching you to resist the inclination to rely on generalisations. However, managers sometimes forget that they need to recognise individual differences in their employees in order to capitalise on their unique strengths.

It is pivotal that managers develop a greater awareness of these individual characteristics and manage their diverse workforce effectively to yield positive organizational outcomes.

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  • Describe the concept of ‘ workforce diversity’. Explain in detail how diversity:
    1. contributes to organizational effectiveness and,
    2. undermines organizational
  • Relate the following individual characteristics to relevant organizational outcomes:
    1. age
    2. ability, and
    3. gender
  • Identify and briefly describe the four-employee responses to job dissatisfaction with illustrative examples. Recall the concept of ‘counterproductive work behavior’ (CWB) and its effects on organizational outcomes. Suggest any two ways managers can mitigate
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