BSE217: Discuss the main theoretical foundations of Ecological Dynamics Theory: Motor Development, Control and Learning Assignment, SUSS, Singapore

University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject BSE217: Motor Development Control and Learning

Question 1

(a) Discuss the main theoretical foundations of Ecological Dynamics Theory.

(b) Describe Fitts & Posners (1974) Stages of Learning model. Outline if the model is associated with a linear or nonlinear theoretical perspective. Justify with relevant examples.

(c) From an Ecological Dynamics view, the Stages of Learning (see Table 1.) can be reconceptualised to place focus on the perception-action coupling impacting learning.

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Question 2

Watch this video:

Discuss the movement proficiencies of the individual in the video. Your discussion points should include the following:

  •  Create a rating scale or categories of differentiation to rate the movement proficiencies of the individual.
    Explain how your rating scale or categorisation works.
  • Explain how you would rate the individual on a scale/category.
    o Outline the movement attributes of the individual that you are observing that
    allow you to rate/categorise the individual’s movement proficiency.
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