BF3207/BF327: Global Macro You work for a hedge fund and you were Invited to Make a General Educational Presentation on Your Employer’s: Alternative Investments Report, NTU, Singapore

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University Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
Subject BF3207/BF327: Alternative Investments

You work for a hedge fund and you were invited to make a general educational presentation on your employer’s hedge fund strategy (Global Macro Strategy) to the investment committee of a large pension fund. The objective is to motivate them (attempting to convert them) to consider investing in
you’re strategy so they would hopefully consider your fund.

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The choice of a general educational strategy presentation (i.e., not a hedge fund manager-specific one) was deliberate as you are not expected to have access to key information of a particular hedge fund and what is required here is a general strategy-level presentation.

This is an exercise of researching and communicating effectively (commercially) via a sharp, brief presentation. Your presentation should address the key points below that should interest the investor.

Start your presentation with an effective, precise, and concise executive summary slide (in bullet-point format) to communicate to the busy investment committee members, through this slide, the most important information they should learn from your presentation and your work on it

The strategy’s key characteristics and description

The benefits of adding the strategy to the investor’s traditional portfolio of long-only equities and bonds

Strategy performance, size, growth, and capacity constraints

Strategy risks: Honest representation of the risks to the investor, rather than pure marketing, is highly recommended

Trends and developments in this space

Strategy-relevant market outlook (macro, financial markets, industry) that could or should affect and inform the investor’s choice and timing for investing in your strategy

Top current hedge fund managers (competitors) who offer this strategy

The statements you make should be backed by evidence (data or analysis) whether yours or from clearly-referenced, credible sources

Your presentation should demonstrate proper team-work and professionalism with a clear and high-quality format (obviously that is in addition to the expected high-quality contents).

You are advised to utilize informative and clear summary figures and/or tables for your presentation; “a picture is worth a thousand words

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