A This warehouse belongs to your friend, Bob. He learnt that you’re very familiar with strategies: Warehouse and Distribution Channels Assignment, RMIT, Singapore

University The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)
Subject Warehouse and Distribution Channels Assignment

Case Study Questions (remember to support your answers with relevant in-text citations and references)


– A This warehouse belongs to your friend, Bob. He learnt that you’re very familiar with strategies to improve warehouse and distribution channels management. He invites you to his warehouse for a review. Identify four (4) areas that require urgent improvement (circle the errors on the warehouse layout). Explain to Bob why you have considered them that require urgent improvement.


Suggest how you will resolve each area of improvement as identified in “Question One – A”. Explain how each suggestion for improvement will enhance the overall operations of the warehouse.  Support your answer by drawing your suggestions for improvement on the warehouse layout. The prescribed warehouse layout was drawn using the PowerPoint software. You may use the same file (which will be attached to Canvas description) to illustrate your suggested improvements.


Bob tells you that he is keen to adopt technologies and/or automation in his warehouse as the products are heavy. Review the warehouse processes that you have improved in Question One-B. Identify and explain two (2) processes that you believe, can be further improved with relevant technologies. Support your answer with a table presenting comparative analysis of possible relevant technologies to demonstrate your analysis and extent of research.

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