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Singapore porter’s five forces analysis Essay Singapore

This essay sample is on  Singapore Porter’s Five Forces Analysis. Here we will cover What are the poster’s five forces analysis? ,  The poster’s five forces, etc.

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Introduction- Singapore Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Essay 

In this sample essay, we shall be discussing the topic of “Singapore poster’s five force analysis”. If you are a management student you might have heard about this topic. This is because poster five forces analysis is an important concept for singaporeans. Even if you are someone who’s interested in business or the market this is an important topic to understand for you. Adding to this, the importance of the concept sits in its ability to provide information related to the market.

Moreover, this information is useful for business-based organizations planning for new operations or introducing new services or products in Singapore. Therefore, we shall be looking into this topic in detail. We shall be looking at each aspect of the same. Moving on, we shall include the following topics: we shall start the discussion by looking at the definition of porter’s five forces analysis. Then we shall be looking at the five forces of the poster in detail. Later on, we will be looking at each of the five factors in detail.

What is the poster’s five forces analysis?

The term “poster’s five forces” refers to the model that aims at identification and analysis concerning the major five forces of competition. Adding to this, the five forces shape any given industry. As well as helps in determining the industry’s weaknesses and strengths.

Moving on, the poster’s five force model is the namesake of Michael E. Porter, who was a Professor at Harvard Business School. Moreover, it was published in his book, namely: “Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors” which came out in the year 1980.

The poster’s five forces

As we already read above, Poster’s five forces is a model of business analysis that aims at helping an explanation as to why industries can maintain different levels of profitability. Adding to this, porter in his book identified five strong forces which play an important role in shaping any and every market as well as an industry across the world.

Moving on, these five forces are often used for the measurement of the intensity of competition, attractiveness, and industry probability.  Nevertheless, we shall look at these five forces, which are as mentioned below:

  • Industry Competition
  • Possibility of new entrants
  • Supplier’s power
  • Customer’s power
  • Threat from substitutes

Moving on, we shall be discussing each of these five forces in detail, one by one below:

Industry Competition

The “Industry competition” is the number one of five forces. It refers to the amount of competition present in the market as well as their ability to undercut the company. As it goes, the larger the numbers of competitive organizations, (including their services and products) the lesser the strength of a business organization.

Possibility of new entrants

Again power held by an organization can be influenced by the introduction of new competitors. Adding to this, the effect on the position of an established company is directly related to the time and money needed by competitors to enter the Singapore market as well as their ability to put in the competition.

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Supplier’s power

As the name implies, the power of supplies refers to the ability of suppliers to affect the cost of input. Moreover, it also concerns the number of suppliers of raw material or input as well as the uniqueness of input and the ability of a company to choose another supplier. As it goes, the less the number of suppliers the more dependent a company is.

Customer’s power

Naturally, customers in any given market have the ability to influence prices as well as their power level on the other five forces. Moving on, other key factors that affect a business are as follow: the customer base of the company, the significance of individual customer, and the capital needed to explore new customer base.

Threat from substitutes

The fifth one of the five forces is the “threat of substitutes”. A threat may be posed by Substitutes goods or services that can be used instead of the services or goods provided by the company. Moreover, companies having no such threats of substitutes hold more power over the Singaporeans market.


As you see, Singapore’s Porter Five Forces Analysis has many positive aspects that can be used to improve the country’s economy. It is important for countries like these to look forward and make changes now in order to avoid a decline. If there are any questions or comments about this blog post, please feel free to reach out!

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