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This course teaches students the basic elements of critical reasoning, directed towards misinformation and how it exploits fault lines in society. Students will learn about cognitive biases as well as arguments corresponding to two aspects: selectively believing information that agrees with your beliefs or opinions; being skeptical towards ideas which don’t align perfectly with yours-and bringing these skills together when reasoning on issues related both closely (but not entirely) by topic at hand -namely false statements told often enough until they become fact!

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Assignment Task 1: State the different parts of an argument.

The different parts of an argument are premise, conclusion, and evidence. The premises are the individual statements that make up the argument. The conclusion is the statement that is drawn from the premises. The evidence is the justification for accepting the premises as true.

Evidence is the justification for accepting the premises as true. A premise is a statement that is either true or false, but not both. Premise provide support for a conclusion, and therefore must be accepted until sufficient evidence to warrant rejecting them has been found. Premises have the potential to be either true or false, which means that an argument with one false premise will result in a false conclusion.

Assignment Task 2: Identify common cognitive biases or informal fallacies.

Cognitive biases are tendencies to think in certain ways that can lead to systematic errors in judgment. Some of the most common cognitive biases include confirmation bias, self-serving bias, sunk cost fallacy, and gambler’s fallacy.

Informal fallacies are logical mistakes that can lead to errors in judgment. Some of the most common informal fallacies include argument from authority, slippery slope fallacy, straw man fallacy, and false dilemma.

Both cognitive biases and informal fallacies can lead to irrational thinking and errors in judgment. It is important to be aware of these biases and fallacies in order to avoid making judgments that are not based on sound reasoning.

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There are a number of techniques you can use to overcome cognitive biases and informal fallacies. One technique is to use logic and reasoning to dissect the argument. Another technique is to remove yourself from the situation and shift perspective. In addition, you can use specific questions as a guide to cut through fallacious thinking patterns.

Assignment Task 3: Explain common cognitive biases or informal fallacies.

There are a number of cognitive biases and informal fallacies that can distort our thinking. The following are some of the most common ones:

  1. Confirmation bias: This is the tendency to focus on evidence that confirms our beliefs, while ignoring or discounting evidence that disconfirms them.
  2. Hindsight bias: This is the tendency to believe that we knew all along what was going to happen (even though we didn’t).
  3. Sunk cost fallacy: This is the belief that we should continue investing in something (time, money, effort) just because we’ve invested so much in it already.
  4. Social proof: This is the tendency to look to others for guidance on how to think or behave.
  5. Self-serving bias: This is the tendency to attribute our successes to our own abilities and skills, while attributing our failures to bad luck or external factors.
  6. Overconfidence bias: This is the tendency to believe that we are better than average at tasks or skills, and that our judgments are more accurate than they actually are.
  7. Anchoring and adjustment: This is the tendency to be influenced by the first piece of information we hear (the anchor), and to adjust our beliefs accordingly.
  8. Availability heuristic: This is the tendency to judge the likelihood of something happening based on how easily it comes to mind.

All of these biases can distort our thinking in potentially problematic ways, but the categorization of them may not be particularly important. They are all errors in how we think, which can have similar implications for our conclusions. It’s typically more useful to consider each one and their specific ramifications than to label them as a type of bias or fallacy.

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