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RP Digital Marketing In Singaporean Esports Essay Sample 

In RP Digital Marketing in Singaporean Esports Essay, here we will discuss what is Esports, Why it is so popular in Singapore, the role of marketing in the Esports Singaporean industry, How Esports Affect Digital Marketing, How RP Digital Marketing can help Singaporeans with their own esports business, etc.

RP Digital Marketing in Singaporean Esports Essay Sample

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Introduction- RP Digital Marketing In Singaporean Esports Essay

The Esports industry has been gaining traction globally and is projected to surpass $1.5B by 2021, but it’s not just online where gamers are competing anymore-Esports competitions have also been introduced into mainstream sporting events like the South East Asian Games in 2019. With RP Digital Marketing in Esports Singapore evolving landscape of esports, there will be a need for skilled professionals who can work with players and teams on marketing strategies or athlete management issues as well as those needed to organize future esporting event planning such as SCOGA partnerships RP works with who specialize in all these areas!

Main body-RP Digital Marketing In Singaporean Esports Essay

What is Esports?

Esports is a contraction of the terms “electronic sports.” It is essentially any type of competition involving video games, typically between professional players in Singapore.

Esports has seen exponential growth over the last few years, with experts estimating that it generates more than $600 million USD annually. One sign of this rapid growth was Blizzard’s decision to launch their own league back in 2016. The newest addition to this world is the PUBG mobile game, which surpassed 50 million downloads just two months after its release on iOS and Google Play Store. With its success being widely predicted relative to Fortnite’s popularity in 2018, it seems that Esports will continue on its journey towards becoming “The Next Big Thing” by 2020!

Why is Esports so popular in Singapore?

Esports are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore because they seem to be the next logical evolution of human-computer interaction. For instance, games such as Starcraft fuel a significant portion of their fan base through its impressively dynamic spectator gameplay modes and a large Twitch. tv following while Counterstrike: Global Offensive competes for an eyeball with League of Legends in terms of viewership numbers.

Theoretically, it’s possible this trend will continue until game developers find new immersions for Singaporeans to watch or play on their own hobbies and pastimes while they interact with other players around the world online, though there is no question that gaming has always offered some form or another of entertainment since Pong was founded in 1971.

Role of marketing in an Esports Singaporean industry

Marketing plays a very important role in an industry as competitive and fast-growing as the esports Singaporean industry. This is because it helps esports organizations achieve growth in three important ways

1) It brings more revenue – More Singaporean come to know about an organization if they engage with its marketing efforts, which gives them additional opportunities to monetize themselves

2) Esports marketers act as the voice of their brands – They work at building lasting relationships between fans and is an organization

3) It catalyzes innovation – Esports Singapore organizations can’t make decisions based purely on research because everything evolves too quickly; that’s where marketing comes in. They help speed up the journey of discovery so companies never run out of innovations to get better purchases over their audiences.

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How Esports Affect Digital Marketing?

1) For Creating a large audience- Investing in esports for digital marketing is an excellent way to engage with more consumers. The purpose of these tournaments is not about who the best player is, but rather bringing people together and investing time into a passionate community.

In 2020 there were over 495 million viewers on Twitch alone! These numbers show how quickly this industry has grown and it’s only the beginning. We encourage companies looking to invest their brand dollars in something new that will take them far outside their comfort zone to consider getting involved now while they can still get ahead before everyone else catches up.”

One of the most promising areas for marketers is esports, which has a younger male demographic. Singaporeans can use this information to their advantage by targeting those who are passionate about digital technology and video games with any new content they create across different marketing channels.

2) Helped to increase awareness in the Asia-Pacific region- Many esports fans are young male adults, but the industry is also steadily growing in Asia-Pacific countries. In 2019, those regions accounted for $519 million of revenue half of all earnings worldwide. Investing in digital marketing will help you reach viewers there such as the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and especially South Korea who can’t get enough eSports action!

Esports is a rapidly growing industry in Singapore. The best way to use it for digital marketing purposes would be by placing ads on large live-stream platforms like YouTube and Twitch or partnering with an organization that has experience working within the esports community such as GosuGamerz which can help you connect with more potential audience members.

3) Benefitted To Live-streaming Campaigns- Live-streaming sites are steadily on the rise and you can use them as a digital marketing strategy. Ever since esports became popular in the late 2010s, live streaming platforms have been one of the most widely used by fans and professional gamers alike. These platforms make it easier for people to watch their favorite video games online because they’re accessible and easy to use!

How RP Digital Marketing can help Singaporeans with their own esports business

RP Digital Marketing is an esports company in Singapore that can help you design your marketing campaigns in the esports world. We create competitive strategies, develop distribution models and plan branding and sponsorships according to the specific needs of each client.

RP Digital has assisted a variety of businesses in their own esport business such as advertising on twitch, generating leads, sponsor acquisition, and private funding options. We provide an extensive customized marketing campaign that figures out what works best for your brand – it is about what you want to gain in this industry.

RP Digital Marketing has a team of people who have been following gaming for years and know how both players and spectators want to be treated while attending an event or watching one on Twitch or Youtube Live. Our specialties include creating social media strategies; designing graphics that engage viewers; webinars, live-streams, contests, and giveaways; sponsorship activation campaigns; digital advertising campaigns on all those big networks like Facebook, Youtube, Google Adwords.


RP Digital Marketing in Singaporean Esports Essay has been a great opportunity for us to get together and discuss how we can help you with your own esports business essay writing. We hope that this essay example will give you some ideas of what is possible when it comes to digital marketing, but if not then just get in touch!

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