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Essay sample on how Singapore’s Spa and Wellness Industry plays a key role in Singapore’s economy

Singapore’s Spa and Wellness Industry support the government push towards a healthy living lifestyle and thus play a critical role in Singapore’s economy. From 2011 to 2015, there was a drastic increase in annual gym visits from 1.8m to 2.5m. Ileane NG explained that their health promotion board has been quite insistent in asking people to get fit and approaching programs that reward enhanced health. The spa industry of Singapore experiences a value of $140 million per year and this figure often increases from year to year. The growing tourism industry and prosperity of individuals have offered momentum to Singapore’s spa industry.

Wellness Industry is on the tremendous increase in Singapore. Several boutique studios and international brands are providing facilitators for regional leisure labels to penetrate Singapore’s market. Apart from it, healthy living habits showcase a rewarding opportunity for Singapore’s economy. For entrepreneurs with a great existence in the island’s vibrant wellness scenario, the growth in such opportunities has been clear. The students developing an essay on Spa and Wellness Industry should focus on critical factors that attract men and women to the spa market of Singapore.

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How Spa and Wellness Industry contribute to Singapore’s economy?

The globalization of wellness production including Spas is evolving throughout the entire world. The Spa industry is experiencing an enormous rise in Singapore by integrating emotional, physical, and spiritual activities. The activities when combined with more obscure practices increase the level of mental wellness as well. The well-established Spa and Wellness Industry and the rising demand is attracting several tourists in Singapore. It results in the growth of the tourism industry and thus contributes to the nation’s economy.  Along with it, a categorization of Spas in Singapore includes:

  • Day spa
  • Club spa
  • Holistic spa
  • Bath
  • Spa hotel
  • Medical spa
  • Sport spa
  • Resort spa
  • Structured spa

The spa industry is the rapidly growing region on a global basis attracting tourists in Singapore. Tourist motivation holds psychological along with physiological aspects as travel satisfy the different level of needs including personal, intrinsic, physiological, and interpersonal needs. Hence, the Spa and Wellness Industry play a significant role in Singapore’s economy.

Objectives of Spa and Wellness Association Singapore in serving Spa and Wellness Industry

  • To protect as well as promote the business practitioners, entities, and consumers of the Spa and Wellness Industry. It aims to set up standards for staffing, operation, facilities, training, and quality of equipment.
  • Through education, training, and guidance, SWAS aims to develop the industry and its professionalism as well. It provides rules, benchmarks, and vital regulations including information and ideas sharing among members.
  • To protect and promote the model of good professional practices of Spa and Wellness Industry. It includes body, hair, nail, face, and other practices of beauty enhancement.
  • To provide a vast network for Spa and Wellness expertise in Singapore to exchange knowledge and ideas. It helps people of Singapore to develop friendships, expand business opportunities, and build robust relationships.

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Sample on how Singapore’s Spa and Wellness Industry plays a key role in Singapore’s economy

Title: What is the meaning of wellness?

Though there are several definitions of wellness, the best one describes wellness as the multi-dimensional condition of being well. A valuable state of awareness enables an individual to be completely present in the present moment and respond genuinely to any situation. It is the status where inner, as well as outer worlds, are in complete harmony. Working towards an efficient state in regards to the mental, physical, and emotional sense of well-being refers to wellness. It helps an individual to experience life with enthusiasm, excitement, and utmost longevity.

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