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Updated on: 3rd Jun 2022

PSY454 Applied Counselling Psychology Skills Assignment Sample SUSS Singapore

In this course, you will learn how to apply the counselling skills that were introduced through PSY354 Counselling Psychology in Singapore. You’ll focus on working with clients and conducting group sessions as a practising psychologist.

This section will provide an introduction to the different counselling modalities that you may encounter as a practising psychologist. It will also cover some of the ethical considerations involved in counselling.

Several counselling modalities can be used with clients, depending on the issue or problem being addressed. The three most common approaches are cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, and humanistic therapy.

This course will enhance students’ required skills and competencies of communication, interpersonal relationships with people in positions of power or authority; service orientation (the ability to help others), as well psychological consultation techniques for Social Service work here locally. It is designed specifically so that you’re more prepared when it comes time to dive into your internship application process.

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Assignment Brief 1: Appraise the practical effectiveness of theories in counselling in the Singapore context

Theories in counselling are effective in the Singapore context when they are used within a multicultural and multilingual context. Counsellors must be aware of the different cultural values and beliefs that clients may bring to counselling, and must be able to adapt their theoretical approach to best meet the client’s needs.

Counselling theories that take into account the importance of family and culture are particularly effective in Singapore, as family plays a central role in Singaporean culture. Counsellors who use these theories can help clients to explore their relationships within their family system and to understand how these relationships may be impacting their lives.

It is also important for counsellors in Singapore to be aware of the bilingual context in which they are working. Many clients in Singapore are bilingual and may prefer to communicate in their first language rather than English. Counsellors who can adapt their counselling approach to meet the needs of bilingual clients will be more effective in helping these clients to address their issues.

Assignment Brief 2: Analyse the basics of counselling applied to different types of consultations such as individual, couple, family, and group

There are a few different types of counselling consultations: individual, couple, family, and group. Each type of consultation has its basic principles that counsellors use to help guide the conversation. 

Individual counselling is when a person meets with a counsellor one-on-one to discuss what is going on in their life. This type of counselling can be helpful for people who need to talk about something without involving other people in their business. During an individual counselling session, the counsellor will help the person to explore their thoughts and feelings about whatever issue they are dealing with. The goal is to help the person understand themselves better and make any necessary changes in their life. 

Couple counselling is when two people meet with a counsellor to discuss their relationship. This type of counselling can be helpful for couples who are struggling and want to learn how to better communicate with each other. During couple counselling sessions, the counsellor will help the couple to explore their feelings and issues with each other. The goal is to help the couple understand each other better and work through their problems. 

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Assignment Brief 3: Plan and conduct effective intake interviews

To plan and conduct an effective intake interview, you will want to collect some basic information from the client beforehand. This can be done through a web-based form, direct mail, or even over the phone. Once you have this preliminary information, you can begin to develop questions for the interview. 

When it comes time to sit down with the client, be sure to allow them plenty of time to answer each question. If they feel rushed, they may not give you all the information you need. It is also important to remain neutral and non-judgmental throughout the interview; this will help promote open and honest communication. Finally, be sure to thank the client for their time once the interview is complete.

By following these tips, you can plan and conduct an effective intake interview that will help you better understand your client’s needs.

Assignment Brief 4: Demonstrate effective individual counselling skills

Individual counselling is a process whereby a qualified counsellor works with a client on a one-to-one basis to help them address personal issues and overcome challenges. The skills required to be an effective counsellor are varied and depend on the individual counsellor’s theoretical orientation and personal style. However, there are some general skills that all effective counsellors share. 

The first skill necessary for effective individual counselling is the ability to create a safe and trusting environment for the client. This involves establishing rapport with the client, being supportive and non-judgemental, and maintaining confidentiality. It is also important that the counsellor be open-minded and respectful of the client’s beliefs, values, and preferences.

The second skill required for effective individual counselling is the ability to listen attentively. This involves being attentive to the client’s words, body language, and emotional state and responding in a way that shows that the counsellor is truly interested in what the client has to say. Effective counsellors also use questioning techniques to help the client explore their feelings and thoughts more deeply.

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Assignment Brief 5: Develop group facilitation skills to lead group counselling sessions

Group facilitation skills are important for any therapist who wishes to lead group counselling sessions. Some key skills include:

  • being able to create a safe and supportive space for group members
  • establishing and maintaining boundaries with group members
  • managing difficult group dynamics
  • providing feedback and support to group members
  • keeping the group on track and on time

Developing these skills takes practice, so it’s important to attend workshops, read articles, and practice in groups as much as possible. There are also many helpful books on group facilitation which can be useful resources. Remember, it’s important to be flexible and adapt your facilitation style to the needs of the group. Every group is unique, so there is no one perfect way to lead a group. The most important thing is to be authentic and respectful of the group process.

Assignment Brief 6: Apply active listening and effective questioning techniques in counselling

Active listening involves hearing what the other person is saying and demonstrating that you are heard by making appropriate facial expressions, maintaining good eye contact, and nodding your head. You may also want to paraphrase what the other person has said to ensure that you heard them correctly.

Effective questioning techniques in counselling involve asking open-ended questions that allow the client to respond to more than one word. Closed-ended questions can help obtain specific information, but they often result in a one-word answer and do not allow for a discussion to take place. Asking effective questions helps the counsellor to gather important information about the client’s life and problems, which can then be used to develop a treatment plan.

Some effective questioning techniques that can be used in counselling include:

  1. Reflective listening: This involves repeating back to the client what you have heard them say, in your own words. This helps to ensure that you understand the client’s concerns and allows them to clarify any points that may be unclear.
  2. Open-ended questions: These questions allow the client to respond to more than one word, which can help to encourage discussion. Open-ended questions can be used to gather information about the client’s life and problems, as well as their feelings and thoughts about these issues.

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