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Updated on: 3rd Jun 2022

PSS303 Transnational Crime And Globalisation Assignment Sample SUSS Singapore

The Transnational Crime And Globalisation course will explore the impact of organised crime on society, as well as its effect on other global issues such as drugs or climate change. Participants can expect to leave this session with an understanding of how they are playing their role in these bolder criminal workings- both positively by catching criminals who pose threats beyond our borders, and also negatively through involvement with those same networks ourselves without realizing what we’re doing.

This course will cover the types of transnational crime, the methods used by criminals to operate beyond national borders, and the global response to this type of crime. We will also explore how transnational criminal networks have an impact on other global issues, such as drugs, human trafficking, and climate change.

This course will also aim to provide participants with an understanding of the different types of organised crime groups that exist and their impact on economies, as well as introduce methods for countering their activities.

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Assignment Brief 1: Differentiate the different types of transnational crime

There are three types of transnational crime:

  1. Transnational organized crime – This refers to crimes that are committed by groups or networks of individuals who operate across international borders. These groups often have complex organizational structures and use sophisticated methods to commit crimes such as money laundering, trafficking in persons, and drug smuggling.
  2. Transnational financial crime – This refers to crimes that involve the misuse of financial systems and instruments to commit fraud or other criminal activities. Financial crimes can include activities such as bank fraud, credit card fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering.
  3. Cybercrime – This refers to crimes that are carried out using information and communication technologies, such as the Internet and mobile phones. Cybercrime can include activities such as identity theft, data breaches, and cyberstalking.

Assignment Brief 2: Examine the strategies to combat transnational crime

There are many effective strategies to combat transnational crime, including international cooperation, information sharing, and improved law enforcement capabilities.

International Cooperation: Cooperation between countries is essential in combating transnational crime. This cooperation can take the form of intelligence sharing, joint investigations, and extradition agreements.

Information Sharing: The sharing of information between law enforcement agencies is critical in identifying and investigating criminal activity. Law enforcement agencies can share information on suspects, trafficking routes, and money laundering activities.

Improved Law Enforcement Capabilities: Law enforcement agencies need to have the capacity to investigate and prosecute transnational crimes. This includes the ability to gather evidence, identify suspects, and conduct cross-border investigations.

The strategies mentioned above are just a few of the many that are available to combat transnational crime. What is important is that these strategies are implemented in a coordinated and effective manner.

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Assignment Brief 3: Analyse ways to prevent transnational crime

The definition of transnational crimes varies, but, generally speaking, it is an offence that is committed across national borders. Such crimes often involve criminal organizations and networks that span multiple countries. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime defines transnational organized crime as “self-perpetuating associations of individuals who operate internationally to obtain power, influence or financial gain.”

Here are three ways to help prevent transnational crime: 

1) Improve international cooperation and coordination among law enforcement agencies: One way to prevent transnational crime is by improving international cooperation among law enforcement agencies. This includes sharing information and intelligence so that various countries can take action against common threats.

2) Increase security at borders: Another way to prevent transnational crime is by increasing security at national borders. This includes things like better surveillance, more trained personnel, and improved technology.

3) Disrupt criminal networks and organizations: A third way to prevent transnational crime is by disrupting the criminal networks and organizations that engage in such activity. This can be done through law enforcement action, financial sanctions, and other measures.

Assignment Brief 4: Illustrate the nature of transnational crime in the development of security strategies

There are a variety of strategies that can be used to combat transnational crime in the development of security. 

One strategy is to increase cooperation between countries. This can be done through treaties, extradition agreements, and other forms of cooperation.

Another strategy is to improve border security. This can include increasing the number of border agents, improving surveillance technology, and establishing stricter immigration controls.

A third strategy is to improve law enforcement cooperation. This can involve sharing intelligence, setting up task forces, and conducting joint operations.

Fourth, it is important to improve judicial cooperation. This can include exchanging information on criminal investigations and proceedings, training judges and prosecutors, and establishing mutual legal assistance treaties.

Lastly, it is important to promote public awareness of the transnational crime. This can be done through education and prevention programs, media campaigns, and victim support services.

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Assignment Brief 5: Compare the different forms of transnational crime

There are a variety of different forms of transnational crime, but some of the most common include human trafficking, money laundering, arms trafficking, and drug smuggling.

Human trafficking is the sale or trade of humans for forced labour or sexual exploitation. It’s a billion-dollar industry that affects millions of people every year, and it’s one of the most heinous forms of crime in existence.

Money laundering is the process of disguising illegally obtained funds so that they can be used without arousing suspicion. It’s a key component of many kinds of criminal activity, and it’s responsible for billions of dollars in losses each year.

Arms trafficking is the illegal sale and transport of weapons and ammunition. It’s a major problem in regions of conflict, and it often fuels violence and instability.

Drug smuggling is the illegal transport of drugs across national borders. It’s a huge global industry, and it plays a role in the spread of drug addiction and crime.

Assignment Brief 6: Assess the different roles and responsibilities of the State in preventing transnational crime

The State plays a vital role in preventing transnational crime. It is responsible for creating and enforcing laws that criminalize these types of activities, as well as for investigating and prosecuting offenders. In addition, the State also has a responsibility to provide training and resources to its law enforcement and security agencies so they can effectively tackle transnational crime.

A key component of the State’s role in preventing transnational crime is border control. By patrolling its borders and monitoring who and what enters the country, the State can help to prevent criminals from crossing into its territory. In addition, the State can also enter into agreements with other countries to share information about potential threats and suspects.

Another important way in which the State prevents transnational crime is through intelligence gathering. By collecting information about criminal activities, the State can develop strategies to target and disrupt these networks. This information can also be used to build cases against those involved in transnational crime.

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