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Updated on: 30th Nov 2021

Motivators Impact On Employee Loyalty During COVID 19 In Singapore Essay Sample

Employee loyalty is a topic that has been widely studied, and the factors affecting it have been identified as motivation, satisfaction, and retention. In this paper, we will discuss how these three factors influence employee loyalty during COVID in Singapore. 

Employee Loyalty is a topic that has been widely studied, and the factors affecting it have been identified as motivation, satisfaction, and retention. In this, we will discuss how these three factors influence employee loyalty during COVID in Singapore.

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Introduction- Motivators Impact On Employee Loyalty During COVID 19 In Singapore Essay Sample

Motivation is a concept that has been around for quite some time. It can be defined as the reason behind an individual’s actions, behaviors and decisions (Merriam-Webster). The American Heritage Dictionary defines motivation as “the act or process of motivating; especially: stimulus to action or progress” (American Heritage). There are many types of motivation such as intrinsic, extrinsic and amotivation. Intrinsic motivation refers to doing something because it is interesting in itself whereas extrinsic motivation occurs when a person does something to gain a reward. Amotivation is similar but lacks any sense of desire at all. Employee loyalty during times of economic turmoil is being studied by academics from various fields. Intrinsic motivators are an important part of employee loyalty, also known as organizational commitment.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a great impact on society and the economy as it caused many governments to introduce preventative measures. In all countries, there was initial push towards working from home as far as possible until they could return back into work again in their normal environment with more protection than before so that person wouldn’t spread any infections around them or risk infecting anyone else close by if he came down sick himself due to being near someone infected too long without proper precautions taken when necessary (the scientific method for this is when individuals are in close contact with people who appear to be ill, they should wear a mask and gloves) .

This initial phase of work from home led to an increase in intrinsic motivation due to the novelty. However, when it became necessary that everyone return back into their normal workplace again without any safety measures taken, especially for people who were in close contact with others and wore no safety gear, the motivation changed. With the lack of protection and the potential to infect others if they did get infected themselves (the scientific method for this is when there is a breakout of an infection where it becomes highly contagious and one has risked factors such as being in close contact with many people who appear to be sick and with no safety precautions taken) , the motivation changed.

Motivation is a driving force that propels an individual to be engaged in a task or activity. It is what drives employees to do their job and gives them the drive they need to keep going during hard times. Employee motivation can impact employee loyalty, which can lead to positive results for business growth. The Conference of Volunteers in International Development (COVID) 19 took place recently in Singapore, where various speakers talked about how motivation impacts employee loyalty and even coworker loyalty. This article will talk about how motivation affects these different areas of work-life, as well as give examples from COVID19 talks on this topic.

Main Body: Motivators Impact On Employee Loyalty During COVID 19 In Singapore Essay Sample

What are the benefits of employee motivation?

Employee motivation is personal and often comes from within. The more an employee feels like they are appreciated, the more motivated they will be to put in a good day’s work. It can also come from outside sources such as bonuses, incentives, or promotions; these things may help with motivation but it’s not always enough to keep them interested in their job for very long. 

Employee motivation is important because if someone isn’t happy at work then it affects how well they do their duties which can lead to mistakes that could cost your company money or time wasted on projects that end up being scrapped altogether. Motivated employees usually have better results in what they do and are less likely to make mistakes when doing so which means they’ll produce higher quality product.s

Employees are motivated when given incentives, both financial and psychological.  If you want your employees to work hard, then you have to reward them well.  Promotions, bonuses, and incentives work best for motivating your employees as long as they know that their hard work is being recognized and appreciated by the company. These things will not only motivate your employees but it will also help you retain good workers because money never goes amiss.

How can employees be motivated?

Employees are a valuable asset to any business. A motivated workforce can help drive a company forward, but when employees become unhappy or unmotivated it can have negative consequences for the business. In order to keep employees motivated and productive in their roles it is important that employers implement effective employee engagement strategies that will allow them to receive feedback on how they are doing and what motivates them at work. 

Motivation helps people excel in their jobs by producing higher levels of performance and productivity. It also gives people an incentive for wanting to do something, resulting in increased effort toward accomplishing goals (Harter). Many organizations believe that money is the most common form of motivation, however this is not always true as different types of rewards motivate different individuals differently. However, managers should be careful not to provide rewards that are so desirable that they become expected. Once this happens employees will be less likely to appreciate the reward because it is assumed rather than earned. 

The best way for organizations to understand what motivates their employees is to simply ask them! Many times managers expect their employees to be motivated by the same things that they are, when in reality this is not always the case. Organizations can use surveys or other means to get feedback from their employees about what motivates them. Another option is to observe how people behave in similar situations and make inferences about their motivations based on previous behavior (LeBlanc). While these strategies will give organizations a starting point to begin their research, they will not provide enough information to understand the motivations of every employee. Ultimately, everyone is motivated by different things and there must be flexibility in how organizations utilize motivation as part of their human resource strategy.

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Impact on Employee Loyalty During COVID 19 In Singapore Essay Sample

Employee loyalty has a major impact on business performance. This is because it’s difficult to find and retain good employees if they’re not happy, which can have an effect on the productivity of your workforce. The COVID 19 virus in Singapore has had a negative impact on employee morale as people are now concerned about their safety at work and how this will affect their lives outside of work. It’s essential to take steps now to ensure that you don’t lose any valuable talent by making sure your company stands for something more than just money: provide opportunities for growth, offer competitive salaries and benefits packages, be flexible with hours and workloads, and make sure the office environment is enjoyable. These things may seem like common sense but many companies overlook these simple yet very effective solutions to increase employee loyalty and, as a result, company performance.

Motivation is the reason why people want to do something: it’s their reason for acting or thinking in a particular way so you need to motivate employees if you want them to be productive. There are two major types of motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation comes from within and is more effective since it creates better relationships with employees. Extrinsic motivation usually involves getting rewards in order to fulfil a particular goal or task, but this can sometimes have a negative effect on the employee because they’re unhappy about being controlled in this way. Employees who have intrinsic motivation are generally happier with their work and more likely to be creative. They’re also more aware of the company they work for and what it stands for, which is ultimately good for business as they’ll feel like their contributions matter and they matter as a person within that company.

A key challenge for any organization is managing employee loyalty. Employee turnover and absenteeism can be expensive, time-consuming, and disruptive to the bottom line. COVID 19 in Singapore was no exception. The event had their own set of challenges when it came to retaining employees due to various factors such as work-life balance, lack of recognition or appreciation from executives, and simply not being a good fit with the culture. With that said, there are things employers can do to help mitigate these issues which will make a major impact on reducing attrition rates for this event. 

All three of these motivators were major drivers for employee loyalty during COVID 19 in Singapore, and they directly supported the event’s mission of inspiring passion in all vapers around the world through education.

A major issue that was identified during COVID 19 in Singapore, however, was with purpose. While everyone had a shared goal of putting on the best event possible for the thousands of attendees, there were some individuals who felt their own specific job or tasks didn’t really matter when it came to helping achieve them. If you find yourself in this situation, I would recommend meeting with your supervisors to try and get a better understanding of how your individual role is vital in helping achieve the overall purpose. Talk to them about what you enjoy doing, but also listen when they inform you of things that may need work or improvement.

The importance of motivation in the workplace

It’s important to be motivated in the workplace. The more you are motivated, the better your work will be. If you are not motivated, it can lead to negative thoughts and feelings about yourself or your job. This leads to a lack of performance which is detrimental for both personal and professional life. 

It’s important that we find ways to motivate ourselves in order to stay productive at our jobs and maintain good relationships with coworkers and bosses alike- without anyone noticing any difference! 

And don’t forget: if people notice a change in our behavior they might think something is wrong so it’s really important that we keep up appearances when trying new things like finding ways to motivate ourselves.

Stay motivated and remember: performance is key.

It’s important to stay positive about your job as well as your relationships at work. For example, if you want to motivate yourself by working out more – tell everyone that you’re doing this for some personal goal such as losing weight but don’t let on that you’re also hoping it’ll improve your mood and help you perform better at work. 

Don’t overdo it with the workout either because people will notice that something is different about your behavior – try to maintain a normal degree of motivation in order to stay under the radar. It’s important to know what motivates yourself when trying new things like working out more but don’t let anyone know what you’re trying.

If your boss is aware of your attempts to change your behavior they might think it’s for the better and reward you with some sort of bonus so it’s important that this remains a secret! We need to do our best at work in order to receive motivation but we also have an obligation to remember not to overdo it with our efforts to change ourselves.

It’s okay if you need motivation! Everyone else is doing it, too. As long as you are motivated by the right things, that is! If people notice that you’re more productive at work they might assume that something personal motivated this performance increase – don’t let on that your motivation was just to get ahead at work. Be careful with what you tell others because if they notice that you’re more productive than usual, they might think that something is different about your behavior or personality.

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Conflict between managers and employees over different objectives

Many managers and employees have different objectives when it comes to their work. While the manager wants to see that there is positive productivity, the employee may just want a paycheck at the end of each week or month. These conflicting goals can cause tension between managers and employees as they try to meet their own needs while also meeting those of their employer’s.

This conflict can be very problematic when it comes to executing projects that require employees to work together. This is because many employees are not motivated by the same things as their managers, causing them to have different agendas in the workplace. A great example of this is working on a team project with other people. The employee may want to do good work for the team, but their personal goal may be to do average work so that they can move onto another task.

Some managers try to solve this problem by trying to motivate their employees with either carrots or sticks. The manager will praise an employee if they do well and punish them for not doing well. This tactic is often unsuccessful because employees remember these punishments even after they have improved. They also may become resentful of this tactic and use it as an excuse not to try in the future. On the other hand, offering a reward to someone who does well can lead to them doing anything possible for that reward, including cheating or stealing. If the manager then tries to stop this by offering more rewards to more people, they can quickly become bankrupt.

This problem of different goals between employers, employees, and managers is one that has existed for generations. Many businesses have developed their own ways of dealing with this problem, but some still find it difficult. While there are many manners in which a person can solve this issue, some are often harsher than others. Naturally, the more violent methods of handling this problem have been phased out over time because they are detrimental to both parties involved. However, there is no doubt that these methods were initially very effective at achieving what it set out to do: bring order to a chaotic system. 


Employee loyalty plays an important role in the success of any business. A company’s employees are its greatest resource and investing in them is critical for business growth. It is no secret that employee loyalty has become a common problem in the workforce. Employees are leaving their jobs at an alarmingly high rate, causing companies to find new ways of retaining them.As leaders in customer service and technology, we must look into what motivates employees to stay committed to our company despite the many others trying to take them away from us. By understanding why people do what they do, we can better understand how they want to be motivated and retain their commitment by creating a motivational environment for all of our employees.

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The above essay sample is based on Motivators’ Impact On Employee Loyalty During COVID 19 In Singapore.

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