Internet Advantages and Disadvantage Sample Essay

Today we have access to the biggest weapon of the world very easily at an affordable cost that can work well when compared to the nuclear and atomic bombs. This is because the internet is such a weapon that can make and break the things within the finger snaps. You cannot suppose its reach and capacity to control the things in a fraction of seconds. Here we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the internet by keeping both the aspects in mind. As we all have an idea about the famous saying that everything is having its positive and negative sides and we cannot just ignore something because of the negative points are there. The best part to avoid or keep a thing with you is to compare its positive and negative features and then decide your decision based

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Talking about the benefits or advantages of the internet is the medium through which we can have access to a lot of information, books, and newspapers without waiting for a long time as used to happen in print media time. Today we do not have to pay heavy chunks of money to buy a book as it is available online for free of cost or at an affordable cost. At the same time if we talk about social media which plays a significant role in the development of social emotions and keeping people connected to each other who are residing in the far-flung areas. Research is also done by the researchers for their business marketing and management through social media with the help of the internet. Students are able to understand a lot of concepts of their course by having access to the internet and many other things.

So if we talk about the disadvantages of the internet then it is a medium to spread terror among the different places. Today we can see the use of social media for the purpose of spreading wrong networks among the anti-social elements of the society. Innocent people have to confront the consequences of these networks where terrorism is spoiling the humanity with adverse effect. The excessive use of the internet by the common people is giving rise to exposure to harmful rays for a long time and it is a symbol of poor health.

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That is why we cannot afford to go through these results and can consider it as the drawback of the internet. The major drawback is the dilution of the emotions among relationships where people are spending their time with social media friends more as compared to those who are near to them.

So we can say that although the internet is having a lot of drawback we cannot send it on the back foot just because of a few negative points of disadvantages. This is because there are so many benefits mentioned here which make our life really easy and luxury. We cannot suppose to crush the internet facility just because of some of the ill people that utilize this noble discovery in a negative way. Some of the people who do not give enough time to their families and spend their entire time browsing the things online should think on this side as well that they have their own family which needs time on a priority basis as compared to the social media friends. If a complete balance between the use of the internet and family is managed by human being then it would be easier to prove that the internet is a good invention for the human world.

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