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Essay Sample on Homework Should be Banned or Not

There are various debates on the banning of homework or assignments in Singapore. The college and universities in Singapore have been always keeping the students busy and involved in the homework. Therefore, various researchers and scholars have come up with theories that why the homework should be ban and why it should not.

In this article with the help of a homework helper, we are discussing some pros and cons of banning homework from institutions in Singapore.

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Pros of banning homework

1. Homework does not always improve academic outcomes

It is noted from the last years that homework is not helping in good academic outcomes of the Singaporean students instead it has some negative impacts. So, if it doesn’t improve the outcome then why should the institution force students do assignments and homework.

2. It will reduce stress

If homework is banned the pressure of doing a huge amount of homework will be reduced therefore the academic stress on the students can be reduced to give them a good and healthy life.

3. It will increase the family time

Students of Singapore always complain about not having enough time to spend with family therefore the students are not emotionally attached and supported by the family.

4. It will reduce the negative impact on health

There are a lot of negative impacts of homework on the students like stress, restlessness, mental confusion, when students are not able to complete the homework they can consider themselves as academic failure which leads to impact mental health. The student may lose the curiosity to learn in life.

5. Improve sleep cycle

The sleep patterns are disturbed due to the huge amount of the burden on the students of Singapore. This shakes their sleeping cycle which makes the students sleep deprived.

6. Increase time for socialization

The students will get more time socializing when there is the pressure of homework they often forget to step out and meet and talk to people in real life.

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Cons of banning homework

1. Keeps the parents involved in the educational process

When the institution sends the homework to the parents it helps them track the performance of the students. It keeps them involved in their child’s learning process.

2. Learning disabilities are found out by teacher and parent

Many students are not good at all subjects means that they are not able to understand a specific subject. The homework can find out this problem and can actually help the parents and teacher to resolve the issue by focusing on that subject.

3. Allow teacher to understand their teaching methods

Teachers also check if they are teaching in the right way or not. They see if students are understanding the topics or not by giving them the homework.

4. Teaches time management to students

Having homework in mind keeps the students disciplined and actually they manage the time to do the homework, although the quantity of the homework should be practical.

5. Improves cognitive skills

The homework gives a scope to think, learn, and write which improves the cognitive skill of the students if given in a less amount.

Experts views and conclusion

Although the decision of banning or not banning the homework from the school, colleges, and universities depend upon the Ministry of education experts says that it is only beneficial if is it given in a less amount which the students can enjoy while writing not just want to finish it as soon as possible in any way. Students can also take the help from the experts to write their homework and assignments you can check Singapore assignment help reviews to see how it has helped the students.

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